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Miele coffee maker

Now coffee is a real life-giving elixir, communication culture, and lifestyle. That is why such easy-to-use coffee machines began to appear not only in specialized cafes but also in offices, shopping centers, and even homes.

In 1899, an agreement was signed in Germany between two German entrepreneurs to create a joint venture for the production of milk separators. The number of employees of the company was then 11 people. The competent production and financial policy of the two businessmen allowed the company to become leaders in the world market for the production of household appliances.

Today, the Corporation has several factories in European countries (Germany, Austria, Romania), as well as in China. Consumers of Russia and CIS countries learned about the company’s products in the late nineties of the last century. Household appliances, including Miele coffee machines, have earned excellent customer reviews.


One of the most popular and reliable brands on the market can be called Miele. The brand’s line includes various coffee machines, including built-in models for different types of drinks. Miele coffee machine is designed not only for professional interest but also for personal use, hence the wide range of models. With this machine, you can prepare a professional drink in a couple of minutes.

If you are an avid coffee drinker or understand that your office is in desperate need of such a device, no one will forbid you to make a purchase.

Miele coffee maker


It is worth dwelling on the functions and advantages of the brand in a little more detail:

  • Brand models can remember about a dozen drink recipes. The machine remembers everything-the temperature, the amount of coffee and water, the degree of grinding, even the volume of the Cup. You can make the most popular types of coffee at the touch of a button, but the additional settings do not change.

In the fast food industry, every second is worth its weight in gold, so Miele will become an indispensable assistant in bars and cafes.

  • Concise design. No extra protrusions or crazy colors. Due to the absence of unnecessary elements, the car is easy to wash. You don’t have to worry about how to use it. It will fit perfectly into any interior if it is in a prominent place.
  • Many models are equipped with additional indicators that will help you monitor the condition of the car. For example, the machine can give you a signal when it is time to replace water or load new capsules. The devices are equipped with special diagnostic programs, thanks to which the process of cleaning from scale or excess product occurs without your intervention.
  • All models have special filters that not only soften and purify the water, making the taste of coffee more soft and pleasant, but also protect the car itself from rust and damage.

Popular models

The classic model is a carob coffee maker

  • The classic model is a carob coffee maker. It can prepare two drinks at once, is easy to use and is necessary for places where espresso is the most popular. As with many other companies, such coffee machines perform exclusively mechanical functions. They do not affect the taste. If you want to regulate the strength of the drink, you will need to rely on the degree of grain grinding and the density of the compressed tablet.

miele a capsule coffee machine

  • Another popular option is a capsule coffee machine. This is very convenient because you have not only thought through the technology of preparing the drink but also perfectly calculated the proportions. One capsule is equal to one Cup of coffee. These models are designed for about 50 cups of coffee a day, and you should not overload them. For a conveyor feed of one machine will not be enough, but for small bars or office space, this assistant will be very useful.miele the Cordova coffee machine
  • Another option is the Cordova coffee machine. It got its name because of the ability to brew ready-made tablets. The device saves time but does not allow you to vary the strength of the drink.Miele coffee machines is a classic automatic coffee machine
  • One of the most popular Miele coffee machines is a classic automatic coffee machine. The model is very easy to use, your intervention for making espresso is almost not required, the price is very attractive, and some types have an additional cappuccino maker.miele A built-in coffee machine
  • A built-in coffee machine. Their cost and performance are significantly higher than you might need for a small cafe (and even more so for an office). This equipment is a professional plan, which is designed for very frequent use and high wear resistance. Miele’s internal design is similar to that of the popular Bosch brand, which means high standards and excellent quality.

However, in the line there are also home options – at more affordable prices and with less functionality, but not worse in terms of serving the drink.

Basic selection criteria

Any home appliance must have an operating manual and technical characteristics of the parameters. The instructions for the Miele coffee machine describe the basic technical data inherent in a particular series (indicated in Latin letters and numbers) of the device.

The main indicators are:

  • type of machine (usually espresso, premium series add cappuccino);
  • cooking mode-automatic;
  • high-quality coffee format (in grains, soluble in powders or compressed in tablets);
  • power 1500-2300 Watts;
  • the size of the water tank is 1.8 l or 2.3 l;
  • the presence of a coffee grinder, cappuccino machine, timer;
    automatic shutdown mode;
  • availability of Cup heating mode;
  • additional functions, such as making a couple of cups at the same time, and controlling the coffee temperature.

The design can be free-standing or built-in, the Miele CVA-620 coffee machine fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, it can be built into any Cabinet furniture, it does not take up much space.

Compact coffee making machine Compact coffee making machine
Customer reviews indicate that the machines work for a very long time without repair. It is convenient to clean them thanks to special cleaning tablets.

Characteristics of operational parameters

Stand-alone, or” solo”, coffee machines are a series of:

  • CM-6310. At the same time preparing a couple of cups of espresso, cappuccino, has a milk Frother, water tank 1.8 liters, containers for coffee beans and waste, automatic preheating cups, individual milk container housing color combo – black and silver metallic.miele CM-6310
  • CM-7500. Automatic combined coffee machine prepares tea and coffee, the volume of the water tank is 2.2 liters, there is a coffee grinder, Cup heating mode, timer, color black.miele CM-7500

The Miele CVA-620 and CVA-620-1ST coffee machines are among the devices built into kitchen furniture. They have a 300 ml coffee tank with a power of 2300 W. Touch control panel, automatic espresso or cappuccino preparation in 30 seconds, self-cleaning system.

Maintenance and repair of Miele coffee maker

Manufacturers specify in the instructions a warranty period of 2 years (for machines of the CM-6310, CM-7500 series), but according to customer reviews, you can judge the longer operation of coffee machines without repair. Consumers who follow all the rules provided for in the instructions significantly extend the life of their coffee machine.

The entire maintenance process consists of regular cleaning of the device from coffee or milk precipitation, scale. Smart machines will tell you when to perform this process, you just need to put a cleaning tablet in the coffee tank, and everything will happen automatically. Removable containers must be washed manually or in a washing machine as they become dirty.

If the repair is still necessary, contact the service Department, do not try to fix it yourself: it is unlikely that incompetent people can fix problems with electronic equipment. Miele company has service centers for repair and maintenance of household appliances of its own production in major cities of Russia and the CIS, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. Warranty repairs are also carried out by these centers.

The crazy rhythm of today’s life often does not allow a person to stop to brew a Cup of fragrant coffee and enjoy its taste. Miele coffee machine gives this opportunity with its ability to prepare your favorite drink in a matter of seconds, without distracting you from important things for a long time.


If you read reviews about Miele, you will find that there are almost no dissatisfied comments. The main drawbacks usually include the price, but everyone’s wealth is different. The advantages are always easy to use, excellent design and high quality – both the device itself and the drinks it makes.

Enjoying coffee is an important component of the quality of life and a real passion for Miele. The new series of CM6 coffee machines from Miele combines the enjoyment of coffee with a noble design of devices. Treat yourself to a delicious Cup of coffee from the comfort of your home! Enjoy Your favorite brand of perfectly prepared coffee. Simple, fast and infinitely delicious!

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