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Manual espresso machine Wacaco

Since 1890, when David Strang invented the spray-drying method, humanity has faced a heartbreaking dilemma: to brew real coffee beans, wasting precious time, or to make do with a soluble palliative, the taste of which hardly resembles your favorite drink. Unfortunately, this issue is often resolved in favor of bags with granules, and we pour boiling water into a Cup, sigh and try not to remember that coffee is a little different. At home, we are waiting for the cherished Turk or coffee machine, but in the office, at a party and other “wild” places, you can safely forget about the grain drink.

“Stop!” – exclaim in the Hong Kong office of Wacaco. These guys seem to have a solution. Right now, we will consider two portable hand-held coffee machines that can brew an exquisite drink – no worse than in a trendy coffee shop. So stated by the manufacturer. Now let’s talk about this portable miracle.

On the review, we had two models at once: the Wacaco Minipresso and its Junior counterpart, the Wacaco Nanopresso. The machines do not differ much from each other, so, for the most part, we will describe the older device, adding comments about the second model after that.


The device is delivered in a high cardboard box-very compact, for example, it can only fit a wine glass. Of course, the device could be Packed in a larger box, but this was the task of the developers: immediately show the user that we have a pocket car, and not some whopper. So you get the “right” feeling when unpacking. Cardboard boxes are durable, white: it shows information printing with the characteristics of the gadget.Manual espresso machine

We open and take out the nail of the program, placed in advance in a neat case on the laces-puffs. The case is also made as compact as possible and exactly repeats the shape of the device. Material-soft matte textile. It will not protect you from physical influences, but it is not necessary: the device itself is more than durable, but more on this later.

The box also contains instructions: a large one with a Russian-language section. The process of making coffee is described in detail, with illustrations — you will not get confused in it.

The black box of the Nanopresso model is slightly lower, but wider, even though the coffee machine is more compact than the older “sister”. The difference here is only in the method of packaging: the younger gadget is hidden inside the box in another cardboard box. Everything else is the same.

External construction and design

The device immediately impresses with its design and build quality. While you are still incredulously anticipating the taste of future coffee, the device turns out to be compact and pleasant in tactile sensations. Minipresso is made in the form of a cylinder with sloping rounded ends, and only the module hidden inside the pump protrudes in the center of the body. Coffee machine size 175 x 70 x 60 mm! Surprise is countered by the weight of the gadget: 360 grams are felt just enough to be filled with confidence in them.Manual espresso machine

Where can I put Wacaco? Yes, anywhere! These dimensions will not confuse even a woman’s purse unless it is a miniature clutch. There is nothing to say about a backpack or a work briefcase. The Minipresso fits even in a large pocket, although the roundness of its shape does not allow it to feel comfortable there. And the Nanopresso model, fully justifying its name, is easily grasped by a large palm: its dimensions are 156 x 71 x 62 mm, weight-336 g. the Car is noticeably lower than the older sister, but a little thicker.

I was not immediately able to determine what material the case was made of. Dense matte plastic weight and tactile impact resembles metal-this feeling that has been preserved for the entire period of acquaintance with the device. The cylinder of the case is smooth, “diluted” with hollow strips at the junction of the modules. One of them is a Cup with a wide rubberized stripe with a dotted texture around its circumference.Manual espresso machine

A special piety is caused by the “button” of the pump. It looks and feels like a control element in a spaceship. The company’s logo and functional inscriptions “Locked” and “Unlocked” are applied to it in silver paint.

Both ends of the case have sections, so the gadget can stand vertically, being installed on either side. Although it is better to use the lower base for this purpose, or even put the device on its side: the pump module does not allow the cylindrical body to go on a “journey” on the table.

Nanopresso differs from the older model by a deep ribbed texture at both ends of the cylinder – in the places of the Cup and filter. One end of the model is more rounded than the Minipresso, so you will not be able to put the device without it.

As for the colors, the older Minipresso is entirely black, and the Nanopresso that came into my hands is made in a rich red color. It looks cool. There are other colors available.Manual espresso machine

Wacaco in action

The device is unwound into several parts: the modules are connected with a thread. In each case, there are stops, so you can not over-tighten the elements — an important factor in the durability of the device. The thread also inspires confidence: you do not need to twist for a long time, the parts snap together.

On the lower side, Unscrew the water tank and take out a coffee spoon and brush to clean the gadget. Pour boiling water into the empty container. The presence of water “from outside” is the only inconvenience. Wacaco is not a thermos and is not designed to keep water hot. Almost any office has a cooler with a boiler — this was the calculation of the developers. The water must be really hot, otherwise, it is better to boil the kettle.Manual espresso machine

Pour water into the tank: there is a marked ledge on top, it is desirable to measure the water exactly on it. If you overdo it, the water will pour out during the cooking process. You can short it, but in this case, the amount of finished drink will decrease exponentially — the output will be something like a ristretto. As you use it, you can and should experiment with the amount of water: you will probably like a stronger drink.

On the reverse side, Unscrew the Cup from which we will drink coffee (nothing prevents you from using another container). Together with it, the siphon is disconnected from the body, and inside it is a coffee container with filter holes. Start cooking. The process is very simple and fast, it takes just a couple of minutes unless you have to get used to it at first.Manual espresso machine

The coffee should already be ground — this is for the Minipresso Gr model, which came to my review. There is also the Minipresso NS (cost the same), designed specifically for ready-made Nespresso capsules. By the way, do not confuse these names: Nespresso is a sub-brand of Nestle that is not related to Wacaco, except that both of them are “coffee”. So, if you are used to serving “tablets” of Nespresso or want to simplify the cooking process even more — it is better to consider the Wacaco Minipresso NS model.Manual espresso machine

So, a complete spoon scoops up the coffee and falls asleep in the container-filter. Then carefully insert it into the siphon and screw the main part of the body it is located in the compressor. Turn the resulting structure over and connect it to the already filled water tank. Everything-the device is fully assembled and ready to work wonders. A simple calculation shows that we did only 4 operations, including filling the container with ground coffee.Manual espresso machine

In case anyone hasn’t figured it out, Wacaco doesn’t need electricity at all. It seems like magic — no fire, no power for professional coffee making. But in fact, it should be: hot water provides the desired temperature, and the process of manual compression — the concentration of the drink. The main thing is the mechanism by which the pressure is created, and Wacaco somehow managed to do a great job with it. I can’t say anything more, because I didn’t get inside the compressor — and why, if the coffee turns out great?

The final touch — hold the gadget over the Cup with the siphon down, press the pump button and begin to smoothly “pump” air into the device. This is done easily and in fact with one hand — so that you can wave the other at this time colleagues brewing themselves instant Burda. After about 6-7 movements, a thin stream of the finished drink begins to pour into the Cup.Manual espresso machine

Coffee turns out rich, moderately tart, without excessive acidity, characteristic of the” result ” of many automatic coffee machines. The only small claim — the water during the process has time to cool down a little, at the output, it is about 75. For me, it’s the best thing.

Wash the device with water before using it again. The instructions indicate the areas where the liquid is undesirable-it is quite simple to deal with this. When cleaning, we help ourselves with a complete brush. The process, as well as the cooking stages, is quick and simple, the main thing is to get used to it.


I’m still a little confused: how did Wacaco do it? How does such a small coffee machine make such” professional ” coffee? I have described the device and process in detail, but my lack of engineering education does not allow me to understand the mystery of this device. But as I said, it probably doesn’t need to be. All I want to summarize: while using Wacaco, I forgot the local coffee shops as a bad dream. Experienced foodies may notice differences in the drinks prepared by Minipresso and a professional chef. I can’t do it, and I liked The Wacaco coffee even more than the drink from the bowels of the Bork coffee machine.Manual espresso machine

But even if your taste of Wacaco is inferior to a stationary device in taste, the main thing here is the unprecedented portability of Hong Kong machines. So it seems to me that Wacaco is just the perfect gift for an avid coffee lover — with it, he will be able to drink coffee where it is not possible under other circumstances. For everyone else, Minipresso or it is younger ” sister “can become the main and irreplaceable” producer ” of a coffee drink. In short, if coffee is about you, be sure to join this miracle diet.

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