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Manual espresso machine Wacaco MINIPRESSO-NS

Wacaco Minipresso is a real pocket coffee machine that can brew espresso as well as in a coffee shop. It sounds like magic — but it’s true! The device uses a method of pumping air that creates a pressure of up to 15 Bar, and all you need for the finished drink is hot water from a kettle or boiler. The cooking process takes 40 seconds, and the gadget does not require electricity at all. And it all fits in a 175 x 70 x 60 mm case!Manual espresso machine Wacaco MINIPRESSO-NS


Wacaco Minipresso is a unique coffee machine that has dimensions of 175 x 70 x 60 mm and can brew a real espresso without electricity — no worse than in a professional coffee shop. The device works in manual mode: by pumping pressure, which reaches 15 Bar in this compact device. The only thing that is required for the preparation of the drink is hot water, and of course, the coffee itself.

The Minipresso has a stylish compact body weighing only 360 grams. The device is quickly disassembled into component parts-modules. There is already a Cup for drinking among them. In addition to it-a a siphon, filter, and compressor. It is enough to pour a portion of ground coffee into the filter, pour water into the reservoir, connect the parts and manually activate the compressor within a few seconds. All-hot and delicious espresso is ready!Manual espresso machine Wacaco MINIPRESSO-NS

After making coffee, the device must be washed with water, and a special brush is included for cleaning. The process, as well as the preparation itself, takes a few seconds. Wacaco Minipresso can be used wherever and whenever hot water is at hand — no other coffee machine can do this! You can take the coffee machine with you on a visit, to work or University – and even on a trip.


Color Black
Brand Wacaco
Weight 0.36 kg
Warranty 1-year
Size 175 x 70 x 60 mm

Manual espresso machine Wacaco MINIPRESSO-NS


Perfectly fits into the side pocket of the backpack, straight aesthetic pleasure))) I use capsules for making coffee, very convenient. Useful thing quickly recoups your money at least because I rarely drink espresso in a cafe

Able to make a shot of espresso tastier than in many coffee shops; every time it turns out well; tiny size, no problems to take with you or find a place to store
Not find
I recommend it. Just do not forget to wash, it is best immediately after cooking

Simple, convenient, miniature coffee machine
Described below
In this car, I like almost everything, from the Assembly to the most wonderful cream, the appearance of which I did not expect. I will note only one point – I have a little water left in the water tank after cooking. Maybe I’m a little clumsy. It is a little confusing, but it is difficult to call it a problem, the quality of coffee and its taste does not affect in any way.

Good thing, I like the quality. It works very simply, I got everything right from the first Cup (and with my “talented” hands, this is just a surprise). There were no problems with disassembly either. I think now to give my MCH such that to work dragged)

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