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Ask any person the country of coffee and they will not hesitate to tell you: “Italy”. Why? – you may ask-does coffee grow in Italy? And then the interlocutor will think about it and say: No, it is not growing …

The point is that by right, Italy should be called the birthplace of coffee makers, not coffee. It just so happened that the Italians were the first to think of using coffee makers for cooking ground grains. And not only guessed, but also began to invent and try all-new ways of cooking. Italian coffee makers are considered to be the world’s best devices for making coffee.

This is how geyser, drip, and carob Italian coffee makers were born. The first are widely distributed among practical Italians, each family has a geyser and more than one. It works on the principle of overpressure, water boiling creates steam, it squeezes water through a tube that leads to the filter with coffee, passing through it, the water absorbs all the components of coffee. This clever method allows you to get an excellent espresso without using complex mechanisms and technologies, but there are sometimes spent since it takes 5-10 minutes to heat the water to the desired temperature. Geyser coffee makers were improved and there were models for induction stoves, electric geysers, and even those that can cook cappuccino. Yes Yes cappuccino, with the original design almost unchanged.

Carob coffee makers are quite another matter, they have a complex, some just incredibly complex design. The Italians were the first to produce a huge range of excellent and reliable machines, mainly for cafes and restaurants. Since the end of the 19th and early 20th century, such giants as Delonghi, Ranchilio, Gaggia, Nuova Simonelli, Saeco, and many others have been published. They are worthy of the title of world manufacturers of coffee machines to this day.Italian coffee maker

In the carob coffee makers, high pressure up to 15 bar is applied to prepare the drink. The design uses a special horn (holder), which is filled with a portion of coffee, usually, 8 grams per Cup, rammed with temper, then the horn is inserted into the socket (group) and turn on the water supply. Water under high pressure extracts all the useful substances from coffee. This method allows you to prepare ristretto, a great espresso with everyone’s favorite thick foam (cream) and cappuccino in manual mode. The cooking process takes a few seconds. A control system, a boiler for heating water with pressure control, a cooking group and usually a manual cappuccino machine are the main components of Italian coffee makers.

Drip coffee makers or filtration (for making Americano in large quantities) got their name from the fact that the filter funnel filled with ground coffee receives hot water drop by drop and passing through the coffee is extracted. The easiest cooking process, but the longest 15-20 minutes and you will not get an espresso at the exit, only an Americano. These coffee makers are widely used in cafes and restaurants in the United States, hence the actual name of coffee. These coffee makers are the cheapest and easiest to maintain.Italian coffee maker

Buy Italian-made coffee makers, they are durable, reliable, pay off quickly, brew excellent coffee, a kind of Ferrari and Lamborghini in the world of coffee makers. Made in a unique design will become not only reliable partners, but also the pride of your home or cafe.

Almost all the world’s manufacturers of professional and household kitchen appliances produce coffee machines under their own brands. These are Bosch, Siemens, Nespresso, etc. the names of companies that everyone can hear.

Apart from them are Italian companies that produce coffee machines. Positioning themselves as the founders and, therefore, manufacturers that produce the only correct coffee machines. However, according to numerous reviews of both experts and coffee lovers who have such a miracle of modern technology in their kitchens, Italian coffee machines Saeco, Squesito, La Cimbali, Elektra and a number of other companies, in many respects deserve high-level ratings.Italian coffee maker

Concluding the article, you can not ignore the Italian coffee beans for coffee machines, as well as other versions of this product. Ground coffee, coffee capsules, and tablets. In numerous and regularly conducted surveys among fans of all types of coffee, Italian companies are consistently at the top of the rankings. Just a list of Italian coffee varieties sounds like music to its connoisseurs.

Bristot, Molinari, LAVAZZA AND Danesi, these names speak for themselves!

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