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How the vacuum coffee maker works (photo)

Each method of making coffee is unique in its own way and has some advantages. However, the vacuum coffee maker is probably the most original device, which has no analogs either in design or in the principle of operation. The main advantage of the drink obtained in a vacuum coffee machine is to preserve the maximum amount of aromatic and useful substances. That is why it is highly appreciated by gourmets and aesthetes.

What is a vacuum coffee maker?

This interesting device is somewhat similar to a geyser coffee maker and a French press, but due to the constant heating of the water, the color of the drink turns out to be more saturated, and due to filtration, there is no sediment in the Cup. The vacuum coffee maker is fairly little known, but has a long history. The principle of operation, known in ancient times, was first used for making coffee in the century before last, and improved only in the middle of the past.

The design of a modern vacuum coffee maker includes:

  • two communicating flasks of a certain shape made of thin
  • borosilicate glass
  • gas burner
  • nylon filter with the smallest cells
  • stand.

The design is usually done in a retro or hi-tech style, which allows you to choose a brand not only by technical characteristics, but also by aesthetic preferences. For the best vacuum coffee makers, some elements are made by hand, so they can cost as much as a household coffee machine. This is partly why this device has not been widely distributed, but has remained a luxury item and a collector’s item. Rave reviews of the best models, as well as good coffee, are passed from mouth to mouth.

How to use a vacuum coffee maker

So, a vacuum coffee maker consists of two communicating vessels separated by a filter. Pour water into the lower vessel, pour coffee into the upper one and start warming the lower vessel. Water, boiling, will rise to the upper vessel and brew coffee there. After 4 minutes, we remove the heating pad, stop warming the lower vessel, and the water and coffee are poured down.

This sophisticated device was invented in France in the 19th century, when scientists were experimenting with vacuum, steam, water, and pressure, trying to find the best way to brew coffee.

Coffee maker in disassembled condition: two flasks, a burner, a spoon for stirring coffee, water, ground coffee itself.vacuum coffee maker

Pour water and light a hot water bottle:

vacuum coffee maker

Pour the coffee:

vacuum coffee maker

The water is heating up:

vacuum coffee maker

The water heats up and rises:

vacuum coffee maker


vacuum coffee maker

Stir the coffee:

vacuum coffee maker

Coffee boils for 4 minutes:

vacuum coffee maker

Setting aside the burner:

vacuum coffee maker

The coffee is lowered into the lower flask:

vacuum coffee maker

Remove the upper flask:

vacuum coffee maker

We pour coffee into cups:

vacuum coffee maker

Coffee ready:

vacuum coffee maker What happens in the process of making coffee, which lasts an average of 5 minutes? When heated, some of the water from the lower flask evaporates into the upper flask. There, the steam, due to the lower temperature, turns back into water and impregnates the coffee powder. After the heating stops, the temperature in the lower flask also drops, and the water returns to it, but in the form of coffee. The coffee grounds remain in the filter. Depending on the volume of flasks in this way, you can prepare a single drink from 200 to 1000 ml.

Who can use a vacuum coffee maker

Despite the fact that even a child can understand how to use a vacuum coffee maker, this device is not produced for mass consumption, so the range and number of brands on the market are limited.
The unusual shape makes the vacuum coffee maker extraordinary. The same is the taste of coffee, which is obtained in it. Of course, to achieve the best result, it is necessary to choose high-quality and necessarily freshly roasted grains of varieties with a high content of aromatic substances.
Vacuum coffee maker will take pride of place among household appliances for those who:

  • appreciates the very process of making coffee
  • likes experiments
  • strives to fully reveal the bouquet of each blend.

In addition, it is a wonderful and original gift for real foodies and coffee lovers who do not yet know what a vacuum coffee maker is. In addition to being an eco-friendly and functional device, it can also serve as an unusual and eye-catching interior detail in the kitchen or coffee shop.

Currently, vacuum coffee makers are practically not used. However, this coffee maker looks very nice and can serve as a great gift to the coffee lover.


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