Espresso machine

Espresso machine with grinder

Freshly brewed coffee is a guarantee of cheerfulness and ability to work in the morning. In order not to be late for work, not to fall asleep at the wheel or not to forget to wear a tie, you need to refresh yourself with fresh and high-quality coffee. Turks and pots are long gone, and the usual coffee machine not always cope with the task. But espresso machine with grinder will efficiently grind whole coffee beans and quickly prepare an invigorating drink.

An espresso machine is a combination of a carob coffee machine and a coffee grinder. The principle of working with the device is to pour real coffee beans inside, after which they are ground and moved to the holder. Devices with a built-in coffee grinder make it possible to use a variety of coffee varieties, but require some skills to tamper coffee into a tablet.

The kitchen appliances segment offers a huge number of different espresso machines for every taste and budget. Budget machines have the simplest functionality: they grind grains and give out a ready-made drink. Their advantages lie in their small size – such a car will always find a corner in the kitchen. The more expensive models have a variety of functions, ranging from choosing the time of coffee grinding to remote control, where the remote is a smartphone. They are much larger and more difficult to manage. But thanks to the variety of settings, you can prepare coffee according to different recipes.

What should I pay attention to when choosing an espresso machine?

Important criteria for choosing a home coffee machine are actually few and they are mostly subjective. The main thing is to determine the necessary type of device and budget for its purchase. And then you can pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. The cappuccino Machine. Its presence will allow you to prepare lattes and cappuccinos. It can be mechanical, when the milk is whipped independently, or automatic, when it occurs inside the coffee machine.
  2. Management. In modern models, there is a mechanical type of control, when the device has several controls, and automatic, when the control is performed using several keys, perhaps even touch.
  3. Power. This parameter determines the functionality of the coffee machine and its speed.
  4. The volume of the liquid container. The larger the capacity, the more coffee you can make at a time. For frequent and abundant cooking, we recommend taking a model with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters.
  5. Steam supply. Two Thermo blocks inside the device allow you to turn milk into milk foam.
  6. Grinding adjustment. The taste of the finished coffee directly depends on the degree of grinding. The finer the powder is ground, the longer the drink will take to brew. For espresso, it is more often used fine grinding, for American — a larger one.
  7. Custard the mechanism. It can be removable or non-removable. In the first case, a systematic cleaning of the mechanism will be required; in the second, an automatic cleaning mechanism is used.

Such well-known companies as Bosch, Philips, Redmond, Krups, and De “Longhi, popular due to their high-quality kitchen appliances, have become leaders in the market of sales of coffee” accessories”.

Redmond SkyCoffee-one-click coffeeRedmond SkyCoffee

According to marketers, the most popular and best-selling coffee machine is Redmond SkyCoffee. The state-of-the-art drip coffee maker with a coffee grinder function allows you to decide which grains to cook: ground or whole, set the duration of grinding, select the time of heating the drink and sends a notification when the coffee is ready. A huge advantage of the device is that it is controlled remotely using a smartphone.

In order to start the coffee machine in one click, you just need to download the Ready For Sky app on your mobile.

Redmond SkyCoffee coffee machine is recognized as one of the most reliable and safe. It has the function of auto-disconnection and overheating protection. If the device is not assembled correctly, it will not start, and a jar made of heat-resistant glass will protect you from burns. The modern design of the coffee machine combines parts made of stainless steel, plastic, and glass. Also, the manufacturer gives each customer a book of coffee recipes and pleases with an acceptable price.

Multifunctional Bosch TES 80323 RWBosch TES 80323 RW

The Bosch TES 80323 RW coffee machine received rave reviews from customers. This machine prepares 6 types of coffee. Its biggest advantage is the automatic cappuccino preparation function, as well as a soundproof compartment for grains. Also, you can select the degree of grinding, and all functions and processes can be observed on the display, which is located on the front panel of the coffee machine. The size of the machine is small, the body is made of stainless steel, it is easy to operate and easy to wash. However, prices in online stores for such a miracle of technology bite.

Philips HD7762-any coffee in a minutePhilips HD7762

A more budget-friendly option for coffee drinkers is the Philips HD7762. The compact coffee machine is equipped with two compartments for beans, thanks to which you can mix different types of coffee during cooking. You choose the degree of grinding: fine-for lovers of strong coffee, and coarse grinding – to create a light and delicate taste. Besides, you can turn off the coffee grinder and use regular ground coffee, which is very convenient if you are in a hurry. Thanks to the “drop-stop” system, you can stop making coffee at any moment and immediately start drinking the drink.

Italian quality from the De” Longhi Magnifica ECAMDe" Longhi Magnifica ECAM

You can enjoy professionally brewed coffee at home thanks to the Italian company De ” Longhi. The coffee machine De ” Longhi Magnifica ECAM combines the best characteristics of coffee makers. It is equipped with a variety of functions: manual adjustment of the amount of coffee and water for each serving, standby mode, fast coffee preparation mode, manual cappuccino machine. The coffee machine allows you to choose from 13 degrees of grinding for making coffee of the ideal strength. The bulk container for grains is equipped with a lid that holds the flavor, and the Cup holder has a heating function. One of the main advantages customers consider the possibility of using coffee cups up to 14 cm high! We are also happy to have a built-in filter for water purification, auto-off, self-cleaning and descaling functions.

And in addition to the device, the company offers special accessories and detergents.

Krups EA8050 for the whole familyKrups EA8050

The Swiss company Krups has won its niche in the market thanks to coffee machines for every taste. But one of the leaders in sales was the coffee maker with the Krups EA8050 coffee grinding function. The company’s specialists have developed and patented an innovative uniform water heating system that heats the entire volume of water at once to the required temperature. Thanks to the large capacity of the water tank (1.8 l), you can request the preparation of two portions of the drink at once, and the adjustable location of the dispenser allows you to use a mug of any height. The automatic cappuccino machine sucks milk directly from the factory box and, thanks to the high steam pressure, whips up a lush foam for delicate coffee. The coffee grinder container is located on top of the machine and is made of transparent plastic, which allows you to adjust the remaining grains. And by turning a special key, you can choose one of three degrees of grinding. The built-in filter is made of antibacterial material and cleans the water from scale and harmful compounds.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned coffee machines, stores offer a huge variety of other devices: carob, geyser, capsule.

In contrast to the saying-the morning is good, especially if you have already got a coffee machine with a built-in coffee grinder.

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