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Differences between coffee makers, coffee machines, and coffee stations

The only difference between a coffee machine and a coffee machine is in the price! The first ones are cheaper. It is easier to trace the pattern from one manufacturer. I like the Bork classification, which has created three types of devices:

  • coffee maker;
  • coffee machine;
  • the coffee station.

The list is given to the complexity of the device. The coffee station can do everything, the coffee machine can do a lot, and the function of the coffee maker simply includes making coffee.

The main differences between coffee makers, coffee machines, coffee stations

Bork attracts you with sensible instructions and other documents of a similar nature, posted in electronic form on the site. This will undoubtedly simplify the Troubleshooting process. A self-respecting carob coffee maker does not do without a cappuccino maker. We believe that an obvious step forward, the boiler is inside, it is easy to remove the tube for foaming milk. It is logical, simple, so brilliant. The C700 coffee maker is also on a stand for warming cups. This is a luxury option that is necessary to keep the consistency of the cappuccino. It conformed to generally accepted norms, did not look like a paste.

Bork C700

For beginners, let’s explain that cappuccino is obtained from brewed coffee by adding a large portion of foam. The cream must be saved so that the drink has the right to bear the assigned name. According to tradition, served in ceramic bowls, the volume of the drink does not exceed 150 ml. Add, the coffee flowing from the coffee makers is called espresso. It is named after the word “fast”. The process consists of brewing crushed grains with boiling water. As opposed to using the Turk, we wait until the foam starts to rise.

So, a modern coffee maker gives you an espresso. It is customary to take 30 grams of coffee powder from roasted beans for 200 ml of water. The approximate dosage is indicated. Talking specifically, a coffee machine or the coffee station is able to grind the beans. While drip models are devoid of cappuccino, in the absence of the boiler. There’s no place for a couple to whip up milk. As a rule, a millstone for grinding, equipped with a purity adjustment, is available. In this sense, a coffee maker for cappuccino lovers will be more useful than a C600. But the named model has five settings for the taste and strength of brewing, which is provided by adjusting the speed of water passing through the powder.

Bork C600

The C600 coffee machine can operate on a timer, dispense water, and calculate the number of grains required for a given volume. It’s a vending machine, higher than a coffee machine. Gather the guests, record the program, set the timer, and during the break surprise them with ready-made fresh coffee. There is a device with advanced features.

The coffee station has incredible service. The machine can even control the temperature and pressure in the boiler. Only dedicated coffee lovers will understand how important this is. Parameters can be manually adjusted! C802 coffee station doesn’t have a gristmill, but there are two boilers. The first is purposefully designed to produce hot water added to the Americano, plus steam for foaming milk. This will allow you to set parameters more precisely. For example, water is needed, according to the recipe, 90 ° C. On top of the body is a platform for warming cups. In light of this, it is impossible to say that the coffee station C802 was able to do everything, and the cost is the top in the row. Explain the reason.

Bork C802

Probably, the possibilities of high-quality preparation of the drink are put in the foreground. Buy a coffee grinder separately and adjust it as necessary. This is professional equipment aimed at satisfying the taste of demanding customers who know firsthand about the subtleties of preparing a high-quality drink. Judging by the width of the device, it is permissible to perform two operations in parallel at once, and not alone, but with an assistant, which additionally indicates rather a professional orientation.

Coffee station C804 is slightly cheaper, there is a millstone conical coffee grinder, but there are no two boilers. Therefore, it is not possible to regulate the water temperature and steam pressure in the dispenser. Otherwise, it is a fully functional unit with more than 20 degrees of grinding, which is a separate advantage. As for the previous coffee station, I would like to note that the service life of the mill is less than other components. Because C802 is devoid of the specified detail! Professional equipment, having a narrow specialization, breaks less often. Cheap C804 is a budget, but a professional unit that can simultaneously replace two devices.

Bork C804

Principle of operation of coffee makers, coffee machines and coffee stations

Today, two designs are used for electric devices designed to facilitate the task of brewing high-quality coffee: drip and carob. In both cases, there is a filter where the coffee powder is concentrated. In the first case, the ingredient is simply poured into the funnel, in the second it is rammed. As a result, a different approach to brewing is used:

drip and carob coffee makers

  1. In drip coffee makers, water under its own weight passes through the coffee powder drop by drop, brewing the drink. The process is long, the resulting product is not of high quality, the result depends on the fineness of the grinding.
  2. In carob coffee makers, the ground is poured into a steel filter with a thread and a long handle (horn). Then the device is twisted, as a result, a dense tablet is formed inside. Water passes through the pressed coffee at a pressure of 12-15 bar. As a result, the coffee powder gives the maximum of nutrients and active substances, the drink gets a full bouquet. Dedicated coffee lovers prefer carob models.

Coffee machines and coffee stations are built on these principles. Service elements are added, such as millstones, dispensers, tubes for making cappuccino, magnetic presses (a simple cylinder on a magnet inserted into the body).

The story will be incomplete without mentioning capsule coffee makers. For devices sold special cubes made of aluminum or plastic, which are pierced with a special needle, then the water passes inside, brewing a drink. I have never heard any special sayings about the quality of coffee, but the ease of handling is simply unparalleled. Separate models of their own thrown into the trash cube, it is necessary to add a new one if you want a second Cup. The negative side of the equipment is the price.

capsule coffee makers

In all coffee makers, the heat source is a heating element in contact with water. Leading the fence from the tap, you will need to filter the liquid. In this case, some of the hardness salts remain out of reach of the heating element. However, to increase the working life and improve the quality of the drink, it is recommended to clean the coffee maker every 2-3 months. Use special tools (Descaler). Please note when purchasing that the class of substances for various purposes, for example:

  1. Dishwashers and washing machines.
  2. Electric kettle.
  3. Vacuum cleaners, steamers.

Each class of home appliances has its own characteristics. Use the substance according to the intended use. In our case, the Universal descaling cleaner Filtero is suitable, and it is not the only option.


So, the difference between a coffee machine and a coffee machine: the first class of devices will not always please the owner with sophisticated drinks. Popular in the world of cappuccino and latte, they are in question. A tube with compressed steam will allow you to froth milk, which is not available in a number of coffee machines. But an additional set of devices is applied, making it impossible to classify coffee machines as coffee makers.

In our review, these are millstones for grinding. The functionality of brewing in the S600 is reduced, the device is not attributed to coffee stations. The classification is based on capabilities. The functions of the coffee machine go beyond brewing a Cup of espresso, so they came up with a different name.

Coffee stations include devices that can do everything: espresso, cappuccino, Americano, latte, Africano, and so on. We hope you understand the difference between a coffee machine, a coffee machine, and a coffee station. This classification is present in Bork. Authors tend to trust European manufacturers.

The difference between a coffee machine and a coffee machine in functionality: the first class of devices for brewing, the second is often inferior to the first, but can do a lot, for example, to grind roasted grains. As a result, the buyer must first learn what varieties of drinks are grown, how to cook, what to store at hand. Then you will make a meaningful product choice. Here is an extensive classification of drinks: lungo, macchiato, Romano con Panna, correto, doppio, ristretto.

A typical serving of espresso with a weight of 40-50 grams. Fans have guessed to mix the drink with a variety of spices and ingredients. This is how the varieties listed above were formed. Dominance is determined primarily by geographical location.

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