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Camping coffee maker is a portable coffee maker, it is very convenient for those who travel a lot, drive, and do not have access to your favorite home coffee machine. And the constant purchase of ready-made coffee can cost more than buying a mini-coffee maker, in which you can brew your favorite espresso or Americano at any time. We tell you all about the features of the choice and present the best models.

How to choose a camping coffee maker

To make sure that you are making the right choice that meets your needs, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • What type of coffee do you prefer? Different devices are designed for different brewing methods, and you usually won’t be able to change them. This is probably the most important factor in choosing the perfect portable coffee maker
  • Mini-how much is it in terms of size and weight? Lack of space is a common reality among travelers, especially frequent flyers.
  • Sometimes it’s more important to have a supply of clothes than a coffee machine. The weight and size of the equipment are also very important for the campaign.
  • Will there be access to electricity? For those who choose a portable coffee maker home, office or on the road and move around the cities, this is usually not a problem, but for those who prepare a drink in the open air – it is important.
  • What else might you need? How many accessories will you need to make a Cup of coffee? Disposable or reusable filters (or even fabric filters that will need to be washed and dried), a coffee grinder, a milk shaker, a container for storing ground coffee? All this affects the weight and total cost.

Regardless of what accessories you need, you will need to solve the issue of boiling water – in a mini-kettle or a container that can be put on an open fire, or it will be done by the coffee machine itself.

You may also need a non-spillable thermos Cup, where you will pour the finished drink – this is important for travelers.

Overview of camping coffee makers

Car coffee maker

One of the most common requests among those who are looking for a portable coffee maker on the road. The ability to brew your favorite drink anywhere, on the road, is priceless! Such a device is plugged in but not connected to the power outlet and cigar lighter: powerless drink which is made longer but is more aromatic, with a rich taste. Please note: water is not usually boiled, so you need to use bottled water, not raw.

Interesting and practical models:

  • Handcoffee Auto-works on special Senseo cups, and can prepare cappuccino, macchiato or tea, not just traditional flavors. Very compact. The drink is prepared in 4 minutes.Car coffee maker
  • Waeco PerfectCoffee MC-05-12 – drip, with a jug of 680 ml, voluminous, but light-1.4 kilograms. You need paper filters that are thrown out after use.Car coffee maker
  • Alca-filter, 400 ml, brews Americano in about 15-20 minutes. The filter mesh needs to be washed, or use paper ones. But very budget.Car coffee maker

Important point: there are devices for 12 Volts – for cars, and 24 Volts-for trucks and buses.

Electric Turk

This is a device that connects to the network or can be powered by a generator. It is a platform-connector and a container-Turku, in fact, it looks like an ordinary electric kettle. It allows you to brew coffee in Turkish. A lightweight portable coffee maker with one or two cups, depending on the serving size, weighs almost nothing. A good choice for those who like coffee in Turk.

Good option:

  • Gorenje TCM300W – 0.3 l, power 300 W, weight-700 grams. There is a temperature adjustment, the cord is removed.
    Electric Turk
  • Sinbo SCM 2943 – 400 ml capacity – 1000 watts. It weighs 0.850 kg, slightly larger than the previous one. Metal body, no plastic taste.Electric Turk


The hot spring models are suitable for the preparation of filtered coffee. Some of them are electric, but there are also those that can be put on a gas stove, which means, in fact, in an open fire. The mini-coffee maker that brews delicious Americano or espresso, while durable and quite light.

Interesting model:

  • Endever Costa-1010-with an electric base, allows you to prepare a drink where there is no stove, but there is electricity. Small, 300 ml, but very practical.Geysers
  • Bialetti Musa Restyling Induzione-suitable for all cookers except induction. With open fire, you need to be careful – the bakelite handle can melt. The case is solid, made of metal.Geysers


Minimalistic models for those who like this method of brewing. They work only on electricity, but mini models can be found very compact – for a small kitchen or for traveling by car.

  • Redmond RCM-15022-weighing only 2.5 kg, but there is even a Panarello attachment for whipping milk (manually). Compact, durable. Volume-240 ml. Mini-coffee maker for 2 cups, you can also pour into one or in a jug.Carob
  • Endever Costa-1070-not exactly for travel, but a great option for home use, if there is not much space in the kitchen. New model, you can prepare 6 drinks with one button. Automatic cappuccino machine, water and coffee control systems.Carob


These coffee machines are not very bulky in principle, especially compared to some carob or capsule coffee machines. But even among them, there are light, compact options – a good choice if weight and dimensions matter. They only work on electricity. Here are a couple of the most popular options.

  • Endever Costa-1040 – very small and low, dimensions do not exceed 22 cm. It can immediately pour two servings, with a reusable nylon filter, the volume of the finished drink is 300 ml.Drip
  • Philips HD7434 / 20 Daily Mini – only 1.1 kg, despite the fact that the volume of the flask is almost a liter. Practical, reliable, like all the brand’s products. The filter is made of nylon, can be washed and used again.


Coffee lovers in capsules sometimes want to drink it everywhere – and it’s possible! You need electricity, but you don’t need to heat the water – insert the capsule, and the coffee machine will do everything itself. Interesting options that take up a minimum of space, and at the same time perfectly cope with their work:

  • Krups KP120810 Dolce Gusto Mini Me-on Nescafe capsules. 15 bar, weight 2.5 kg. It is convenient to carry and rearrange. Customers note the excellent taste and beautiful lush foam on milkshakes.Capsular
  • Krups XN 3006 NESPRESSO Pixie – the same manufacturer, but already on Nespresso capsules. This model has a strong, comfortable carrying handle. The pressure is 19 bar, so the brewing process is professional. Weight-3 kg.Capsular
  • Bosch Tassimo Vivy TAS1402 II – works with the Tassimo capsules. It is larger in size than the previous ones, but it weighs only 2.2 May not be the most convenient for the road, but, in principle, it is a worthy option.Capsular

The choice of a capsule device usually comes from capsules, tastes, and prices. Therefore, you should not focus on the brand of the device, choose capsules, and choose a car for them.

Hario, A Pour-Over, V60

These are all different names that mean the same thing. Perhaps the world’s most compact portable coffee maker that you can take with you anywhere. It is a funnel where the filter is inserted. Put a Cup or jug under the funnel and pour hot water through the coffee layer. The only thing – you will need to get boiling water and carry a filter. By type and principle of operation, they do not differ in anything, except for the service life and strength.Hario, A Pour-Over, V60

French press

It is often forgotten, but like Hario, it is a great way to make filter coffee anywhere, there would be hot water. For home, you can take a glass flask, for travel-completely made of stainless steel. Pour the drink into a Cup, wash the flask, and in it, you can also whisk the milk for a latte or cappuccino.French press


Another way to make coffee using only boiling water. Most elements are made of plastic, so they are light and easy to carry. In some stores, you can buy spare parts if the plastic is still damaged during use. You can also buy a milk shaker for the Aeropress.Aeropress


  1. Electric mini coffee makers – drip, carob, capsule, Turk or geyser.
  2. Portable camping coffee makers for the road that do not need electricity – Aeropress, Hario, French press.
  3. For an open fire or stove – geysers and Turks.
  4. If you can’t make a latte or cappuccino in a coffee maker, you can buy a manual or electric shaker.

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