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The main difference between single-serve coffee maker is their unique compactness, they also do not need complex care. For example, a single-serve coffee maker will make a flavorful drink in just 2 minutes, and work wonders: they can please the user with an invigorating drink almost anywhere.

For ease of use, these products are made of aluminum, which is a fairly strong and durable material that is not prone to corrosion. When all parts of the device are made of high-quality materials, the final product retains a persistent flavor. The only caveat: these products must be washed after each use so that the metal filter does not form a plaque.

Small miracle

mini-coffee maker Canadiano

Before listing all the characteristics of these original products, we will introduce you to a unique compact device-a mini-coffee maker Canadiano. This original device fits easily even in a small women’s reticule, it is so small. This type of coffee maker is designed for 1 Cup, it works on the Pour Over principle — the most effective and useful way to brew coffee.

Hot water seeps through the ground grains, which are located in a special funnel. This method is used by a capsule type of coffee machine and a geyser coffee machine, but they need to be cared for and technically maintained — here you only need to wash the filter made of stainless metal. The base of the unique device is made of species of trees such as white oak, cherry, walnut, and maple.

The user needs to set the base on the mug, then pour the ground powder and pour it with hot water — after two minutes, the room is filled with a wonderful aroma. Coffee turns out to be quite strong with a unique taste, because the walnut wood increases the strength, and cherry and maple add a kind of piquancy. After cooking, rinse the device under running water and it is ready for use again.

How to choose

To make the right choice when buying a mini-coffee maker, you need to know certain nuances:

  1. The size of the product is the main parameter, some users incorrectly think that such devices work worse than a standard coffee machine. Due to its small size, mini appliances fit perfectly in cabinets or occupy a modest place in the corner of the countertop of the kitchen table.
  2. The taste of the drink — it is no worse than any version of the coffee machine will cook. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that each variety of this noble drink needs an individual approach. In the instructions, manufacturers indicate what type of product is intended for. Some models may use several types of coffee.
  3. Quality of materials. The main requirements are resistance to high temperatures, durability, and safety during operation. Cheap plastic when heated strongly can emit an unpleasant smell, as well as volatile substances that negatively affect our body.

In addition to these aspects, there are also purely individual features of different models — an electric version or for heating on a gas stove. Carefully read the instructions to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the device before purchasing it.

Characteristics and features

These parameters for mini-products are similar to the standard ones, they differ only in the volume of the prepared tonic drink:

  • type of coffee maker-capsule, drip, geyser or carob;
  • the type of coffee powder, pods, capsules, in that they also differ little from the standard products;
  • the presence of a single-serve — some models have a built-in device, others are designed without it, the capsule version does not need it, because the abundance of recipes here depends on the contents of the capsules;
  • espresso/cappuccino preparation-both manual and automatic, depending on the model;
  • built-in coffee grinder-used in some standard versions for two cups, mini models are based on ground powder, challah or capsules;
  • control of coffee strength — if the model is a geyser, then only the amount of coffee being poured;
  • type of capsules-different companies produce a large number of capsules with different flavorings, some only for their own models, even install a special mechanism that makes the product unusable competitors;
  • volume-small: from one to two cups maximum;
  • embeddability — this function is not used due to its small size;
  • self-cleaning from scale-some branded products are equipped with this function for ease of maintenance, just add a special tablet at the right time.

The single-serve coffee maker is a smaller copy of their larger counterparts, designed for a small volume of the finished drink, so they simply do not need some functional features due to the specifics of their use.

Advantages and disadvantages

For example, a geyser coffee maker is based on the fact that it raises steam water through special tubes to the container with coffee powder, where the further mystery of preparing a fragrant drink occurs. There are two types of mini coffee makers:

  • manual use, where you just need to pour hot water or install a device with cold water on an open fire or electric stove;
  • electrical options.

If the first can be used almost everywhere: in the country, when traveling to nature-it is enough to boil water or put the product on coals, then the second option requires a connection to the electrical network. They have a number of specific advantages:

  • Convenient use — one or two control buttons.
  • Quite an affordable price.
  • They save the user time.
  • With a large range of models, you can choose the best option for your home.
  • A very compact version, because the dimensions rarely exceed an ordinary saucepan by 1-2 liters.

There are also disadvantages:

  • you need to buy a coffee grinder separately because the mini-devices only work on ground grains;
  • it is not possible to adjust the strength during cooking;
  • you can only prepare a certain type of drink at a time;
  • a small volume, designed for one or two cups of coffee.

Some branded devices require expensive consumables during operation, such as capsules.


Krups KP 1201/1205/1206/1208 Mini Me

Krups KP 1201-1205-1206-1208 Mini Me

Power 1.5 kW, 15 bar nominal pressure, weight 2.6 kg, dimensions 375x194x305 mm, type-capsule, water volume 0.8 l. Prepares cappuccino in manual mode with portion adjustment, warranty for 24 months, production facilities in China and Indonesia.

Quality, originality of design, attractive price, and Dolce Gusto capsules can offer taste sensations for every taste — 23 items, you can buy in almost any grocery store in your city.

They are attractive at an affordable price, and the system allows you to prepare a variety of drinks.

Bosch TAS 3202/3203/3204/3205 SUNY

Bosch TAS 3202-3203-3204-3205 SUNY

The body is made of food-grade plastic, power 1.3 kW, pressure no more than 3.3 bar, in the tank only 0.8 liters of water, weight 2.14 kg, and modest dimensions 170x300x250 mm. Automatic decalcification prepares 12 drinks based on coffee: cappuccino, espresso, latte, and cocoa Milka, brews strong tea Twinings. Smart barcode technology already knows exactly which program to turn on.

The cooking speed is no more than 30 seconds, a wide variety of drinks: in addition to coffee, it prepares milkshakes. Compactness, build quality, stylish design, easy operation. The Bosch company always pleases users with high-quality equipment.

Bodum Coffee Press & Tea Travel

Bodum Coffee Press & Tea Travel

Unique small dimensions 88, 9×88, 9×231 mm, the output of the finished product is 15 ounces or 425 grams. The case is made with double walls, stainless steel with a silicone coating, does not slip in the hands. The method of preparation is simple: fill in the coarse ground coffee, pour hot water, close the lid tightly. Wait for 4 minutes, and the invigorating drink is ready.

Quickly brews any kind of coffee and tea, convenient to use on long trips and during a walk in the woods. The unique thermos keeps the drink hot for a long time. Great for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. Unpretentious in maintenance, all the details are enough to wash with running water, and it is ready for cooking the next portion.

Bosch TKA 3A031/3A034

Bosch TKA 3A031-3A034

The volume pot tempered glass 1.25 l, there is a scale with the graduation of the filling level, type of transmission, power 1.1 kW. Dimensions 170x340x250 mm, weight 1.5 kg, designed for brewing classic coffee-Americano. The ready-made drink is collected in a drip way in a container, you do not need to wait for full filling — as soon as it is collected for one Cup, you can pour and enjoy hot coffee.

The strength is regulated by the ratio of the powder and water to fall asleep, coffee is prepared by pressing the start button, it is very convenient — you can wash and dress, it frees up a lot of time in the morning. The product is not equipped with disposable filters, but it is not a problem to buy them.


Single-serve coffee makers are ideal for couples who live separately from children, and bachelors. You don’t need to waste time preparing your favorite drink: you press the button and the smart machine does everything for you. You only need to monitor the amount of water and buy in the store of excellent grinding and quality ground coffee, and if you have a capsule version, the variety of taste sensations will be indescribable.

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