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The main advantage of coffee machines – their versatility, they allow you to adjust the strength or volume of the portion and prepare different versions of the drink in automatic mode.

Almost all models have similar functions and differ mainly in design, size, and availability of additional options that make the use of the coffee machine more convenient.


 Bosh TES 51521/51523 RWMerol ME-710Delonghi ECAM 22.360Delonghi ECAM 22.110 Magnifica S
Coffee usedGround/grainGround/grainGround/grainGround/grain
Power1600 W1250 W1450 W1450 W
Type of heaterBoilerBoilerThermal blockThermal block
Volume1.7 l1.6 l1.8 l1.8 l
Coffee grinder capacity300 gr250 gr250 gr250 gr
Removable brewing unitThere areNoNoNo
Weight9.3 kg12 kg9 kg9 kg
Milk frotherThere areThere areThere areThere are
TimerNoThere areThere areNo
Water filterThere areThere areThere areThere are
Water level indicatorThere areThere areThere areThere are
Coffee level indicatorNoNoNoNo
Waste level indicatorNoNoThere areNo
Simultaneous preparation of two cupsThere areThere areThere areThere are
ColorDark greyBlackSilverMetallic
The milk containerThere areNoThere areNo
Auto powerThere areThere areThere areThere are
Self-cleaningThere areNoThere areThere are
Cup/tank heatingNoThere areThere areThere are
Hot waterThere areNoThere areThere are
Waste containerThere areThere areThere areThere are
Saving modeThere areThere areThere areThere are
Pre-wetting of coffeeThere areNoThere areThere are
Water hardness adjustmentNoNoThere areNo
Adjustment of the grinding degreeThere areThere areThere areThere are
Adjusting the portion of hot waterThere areThere areThere areThere are
Adjusting the strength of coffeeThere areThere areThere areThere are
Coffee temperature adjustmentThere areThere areThere areThere are
Additional informationadjustable height of the Cup dispenser; length of the power cord 1m; rinsing program of the systemtouch-screen display; Russian menu; coffee Cup counter; energy-saving mode; height-adjustable coffee dispenser; overheating protection; container for used coffee for 8 servingscapacity of the container for coffee waste 14 servings; height-adjustable coffee dispenser up to 142 mm; standby mode; new patented: Thermoblock, Autocapucino system and cappuccino cleaning system; silent coffee grinder with 13 degrees of grinding; counter of prepared cupsheight-adjustable coffee feeder 86-142 mm; energy-saving mode; water filter

Bosh TES 51521/51523 RW

Bosh TES 51521-51523 RW

Coffee machines of this model are manufactured in Slovenia, which guarantees European quality and meets European standards.


TES 51521/51523 RW differs in the following parameters:

  • power – 1600 Watts, this is a high indicator for machines of this type (almost instantaneous speed of preparation of the machine for work and the process of work itself);
  • pump pressure-15 bar;
  • the volume of the water tank is 1.7 liters (this is enough to prepare about 15-20 cups of drink);
  • the volume of the grain storage container is 300 grams;
  • automatic decalcification of the device using the tools included with the purchase;
  • the weight of the device is 9.4 kg;
  • overall dimensions-28x39x48 cm.

The appearance of coffee machines will perfectly harmonize with any surrounding environment, thanks to the strict and ergonomic design, and the presence of a color display and illumination of the work area adds convenience when using.


Main functions of the coffee machine model TES 51521/51523 RW:

  • OneTouch function-one-touch beverage preparation (fully automatic coffee and cappuccino making process);
  • selecting the degree of grain grinding;
  • AromaDoubleShot-making a double-strength drink;
  • choice of 3 different coffee flavors (strength control);
  • hermetically sealed compartment for storing grains (does not allow the aroma to escape, which preserves the quality of coffee);
  • adjusting the portion of hot water;
  • individual adjustment of the beverage temperature: coffee (3 levels);
  • height-controlled coffee delivery unit;
  • control of the number of prepared coffee cups;
  • preparing two cups of coffee or espresso;
  • container for used coffee;
  • saving mode;
  • auto-disconnects the device after 60 minutes of idle time in standby mode.


Coffee machines of this model have the following features:

  • Intelligent Heater inside with temperature sensors: the innovative SensoFlowSystem water heating system – always the correct, optimal coffee brewing temperature.
  • The ideal pressure of 15 bar for optimal flavor.
  • Water filter: using purified water to prepare a drink extends the life of the device and improves the taste of the drink.
  • Adjustable amount of coffee: 5 serving sizes (2 for espresso, 3 for creme coffee).
  • Even tall latte macchiato glasses can be used: the height of the cappuccino machine can be adjusted up to 15 cm
    Removable 1.7 l water tank.
  • An alternative solution for feeding milk: you can use a milk container or any other container, such as a cardboard bag.
  • A quick operating manual is always at hand-stored in the device itself.

Advantages of the model.

The model TES 51521/51523 RW has the following advantages:

  • the machine has a compact size that allows you to fit it even in a very small room;
  • easy to use and fast cooking (thanks to the very high power of the machine, it is ready to work in 30 seconds after switching on, and the drink will be prepared literally instantly);
  • innovative flow heater Intelligent Heater inside: correct coffee brewing temperature and full flavor thanks to SensoFlowSystem technology;
  • the ceramic millstones of the built-in CeramDrive coffee grinder allow it to work much quieter than in models with metal millstones;
  • adjustable degree of grinding (multi-stage) makes it possible to choose the optimal taste for each;
  • preparing two cups of drink at once;
  • adjustment of 3 degrees of strength and temperature of the prepared coffee;
  • the large volume of the water tank;
  • built-in decalcification of the device, which allows you to save time on cleaning the heating elements (the tools necessary for this process are included with the device);
  • informative and clear display with a choice of language for messages;
  • illumination of the cups during the operation of the coffee grinder and during the preparation of the drink;
  • Single Portion Cleaning: automatic removal of water residue from the supply pipes after each brewing;
  • CreamCleaner: convenient and fast flushing of the milk supply system;
  • possibility to use the machine for making hot milk or creating milk foam;
  • automatic rinsing of the coffee circulation elements will always keep the machine clean, without wasting time on washing it;
  • guarantee-15,000 cups

Disadvantages of the model

Disadvantages of the model include the following:

  • the plastic case (with minor impacts, there is a high probability of damage);
  • the presence of a pressure gauge is not provided (many believe that you need to monitor the pressure of water supplied to the coffee Cup since this parameter greatly affects the taste of the drink);
  • there is no timer;
  • it takes too much water to flush the system (you often have to drain the water from the pan);
  • no anti-drip system;
  • relatively high cost.

The absence of a timer does not allow you to program the device to prepare a drink for a certain time without your participation.

If you need to move the machine, the considerable weight of the coffee machine restricts its movement.

The presence of a display that displays information in Russian creates additional convenience.

The illumination of the Cup during operation makes it possible to use this model in rooms with limited lighting.

European Assembly and a big name of the manufacturer guarantees the quality of each buyer of this model.


The model TES 51521/51523 RW is the most powerful of the presented models. High power makes it possible to grind grains in the shortest possible time and prepare a great drink, and its strength and temperature can be adjusted by this model.

The built-in coffee grinder is equipped with ceramic millstones that do not oxidize and do not blunt.

The ability to adjust the degree of grain grinding allows you to adjust the taste of each drink individually.

The built-in system of decalcification and self-cleaning after cooking each portion makes it easy to care for it. In addition to automatic cleaning, there is a choice of separate washing programs.

The large water tank is designed for 15-20 cups, so this model can be used both in the office and at home. Thanks to the large tank and high power, this model can also be used for commercial purposes, especially since the prepared portion counter is installed in it.

The plastic case makes this model more fragile, but cheaper than metal counterparts and lighter in weight.

Merol ME-710

Merol ME-710

The manufacturer claims that the high functionality of two-spoiler Merol models determines their professional status.

On the other hand, the ease of use and control of the beverage preparation process makes these machines ideal for home use.

Visually, the cars look completely standard – no original design solutions or innovations were made by the manufacturer.

The car will fit more into the hi-tech interior (in a retro interior, but is completely out of place).

Strong materials and high build quality of the coffee machine give the impression of durability.


Coffee maker functions:

  • preparation based on the ground or grain coffee;
  • built-in coffee grinder;
  • automatic decalcification;
  • adjusting the degree of water hardness;
  • adjustment of the grinding degree;
  • control of the fortress coffee;
    adjusting the portion of hot water;
  • coffee temperature adjustment;
  • automatic milk foam whipping;
  • timer;
  • auto power;
  • backlit display;
  • simultaneous preparation of two cups;
  • Cup heating;
  • saving mode;
  • the system of protection of the apparatus from overheating;
  • removable tray for collecting drops.

Functionally, the device is quite developed – it has almost all the necessary options for making a high-quality coffee drink.

Simple electronic control greatly simplifies the operation of the machine. A heated Cup holder is placed on top of the coffee machine.

It also has a Cup counter. The system of protection of the machine from overheating is a nice bonus to the level of safety of the device (today more and more attention is paid to this parameter).


A nice feature of the device is a fully Russified display.

The energy-saving mode will not only reduce the amount of electricity consumed but also benefit the planet.

Some questions are raised by the place of manufacture of the device-China.


The advantages of coffee makers include:

  • the possibility of using pre-ground and grain coffee;
  • high performance of the device;
  • ergonomic control system;
  • whether the auto-disconnect function is available;
  • the presence of a timer and a backlit display;
  • the presence of a function for adjusting the strength of the drink at the output;
  • possibility to prepare two cups at the same time;
  • a wide system of settings and individualization of the resulting drink;
  • availability of hot water (for making other drinks, such as tea);
  • automatic cappuccino machine.

For a novice user, the device has many advantages. It is ergonomic. And the control system is intuitive.

Also, there is no doubt about the speed and quality of preparation of a coffee drink.

Coffee gourmets can name the lack of an extensive system of settings as a disadvantage. However, for a novice user, such settings as manual selection of the degree of grinding, an extensive system for adjusting the intensity of milk foam may be superfluous


The disadvantages of the coffee machine include:

  • the lack of an anti-drip system;
  • no pressure gauge;
  • the lack of the function “fast steam»;
  • it is not possible to pre-wet the coffee;
  • self-cleaning is not possible.

One of the main disadvantages of the Merol ME-710 is its plastic case. It is made using soft-touch technology, which allows you to leave no fingerprints during use.

A more significant disadvantage is the lack of a self-cleaning system in the device. Despite its high relevance, this option is not often added to the functionality of coffee machines by manufacturers.

The self-cleaning system allows you not only to use the device at home or in a coffee shop but also to perceive it as a full-fledged coffee station that does not require constant care and maintenance.

Video review

An overview of this coffee machine and its characteristics in the video below:

Another presentation and test of this machine can be seen in the video below:


The Merol ME-710 is a good example of a mid-price coffee machine.

It does not have a lot of settings that will turn the process of making coffee into an overly complex procedure.

Since the manufacturer of the device in China, the buyer may have many questions about the quality of the Assembly. However, the build quality of the car is quite good.

The device is not quite suitable for the office. The reason for this is the lack of a regular self-cleaning system.

Delonghi ECAM 22.360

Delonghi ECAM 22.360

Compact automatic coffee machine ECAM22. 360.S in a silver case, equipped with a patented automatic system for preparing excellent de’longhi cappuccino at the touch of a button.

The coffee machine has a 2-line text display that allows you to make settings according to your individual preferences, a stand for heated cups and a water filter.

This is one of the most automated models that allows you to adjust most parameters to your personal requirements, such as the degree of grinding, water hardness and temperature of the drink.

It seems that this model provides everything for the perfect preparation of your favorite drinks and the use of the machine itself:

  • automatic warnings that the machine needs to be flushed,
  • preparation of high-quality ristretto,
  • espresso and cappuccino, the taste of which will satisfy any gourmet, at the touch of a button,
  • storing milk in the refrigerator and turning it off automatically.

Country of origin: Italy


Model functions:

  • automatic coffee preparation (ground / grain);
  • automatic cappuccino preparation;
  • simultaneous preparation of two cups of coffee;
  • automatic flushing of the system;
  • automatic decalcification;
  • energy saving;
  • water level indicator;
  • control of the fortress coffee;
  • adjustment of the grinding degree;
  • coffee temperature adjustment;
  • water hardness adjustment;
  • adjusting the portion of hot water;
  • hot water;
  • Cup heating;
  • pre-wetting of grains;
  • power on indication;
  • auto-off.


Main feature:

  • energy saving;
  • built-in coffee grinder with the ability to adjust the degree of grinding;
  • Patented system Autocappuccino: a cappuccino with one touch;
  • automatic flushing of the cappuccino machine.


Main advantage:

  • a Thermoblock that allows you to prepare coffee as quickly as possible; the mechanism is less susceptible to scale deposition or corrosion, and coffee prepared with a Thermoblock is more delicious than coffee from the boiler – this is an important point for gourmets and connoisseurs of pure coffee taste;
  • compact design and at the same time sufficient volume of all containers for home conditions;
  • built-in coffee grinder with adjustment to 13 degrees of grinding;
  • convenient two-line display with backlight;
  • audio confirmation of button clicks;
  • timer;
  • removable tray for collecting drops;
  • waste container;
  • Reminder to flush the cappuccino machine;
  • automatic flushing of the cappuccino machine possibility to install coffee cups with a height of 86 to 142 mm;
  • coffee container that preserves the flavor;
  • patented system “Autocappuccino”: to prepare a perfect cappuccino with one touch;
  • setting all parameters of the drink: the amount of water per Cup, strength, temperature;
  • the temperature of coffee can be scalding hot, which not all models can boast of;
  • adjustable water hardness;
  • quiet;
  • removable milk tank allows you to store it in the refrigerator;
  • the cooking unit is easily removed and flushed under the tap.

All possible settings of the machine will fully satisfy all the requests of even the most refined consumer. In addition to these significant advantages, this coffee machine is easy to maintain and has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.


The stand doesn’t fit a Starbucks glass. However, some disadvantages still stand out:

  • no pressure gauge;
  • the lack of an anti-drip system;
  • for some owners, it seems that the machine takes a long time to get ready to work after switching on: about 1 minute it warms up and flushes;
  • minor disadvantages include a not very convenient water tank; it has only one handle, on the side, but it is not very convenient to hold a full tank for it;
  • when switching on and off, it performs a flushing process, which results in draining a little water from the valves onto the tray;
  • it is inconvenient to fall asleep with ground coffee;
  • some users note that the cappuccino is not very hot.

Video review


This coffee machine for many coffee lovers has become the embodiment of ideas about delicious and” convenient ” coffee.
First of all, this machine prepares excellent coffee with just the touch of a button.
Secondly, it is almost completely automated, as much as possible.

The machine provides such pleasant but important “little things” as more than 10 degrees of grain grinding, for every taste and color, making cappuccino with one button and adjusting and configuring everything that can be intuitively understood on the display.

In addition to delicious coffee and other things, users especially note the high quality of the resulting milk foam, which not every model can boast of. Therefore, if your favorite coffee is a cappuccino or latte, then this model is for You.

It is also recommended for those who value time the most – the automation of this device allows you to practice not be distracted from your business – it will take about two minutes and just a couple of buttons to get a Cup of fragrant and very delicious coffee.

Delonghi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110

Delonghi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110

Automatic coffee machine Delonghi ECAM 22.110 Magnifica S, allows you to simply press the button and turn the handle to prepare your favorite drink.

The coffee machine has a traditional manual cappuccino maker, which makes it easy to get a lush milk foam for cappuccino, a convenient stand for heated cups and a water filter. The ECAM22. 110 Magnifica is available in two colors – black and silver-gray and is equipped with many convenient automatic functions.

Stylish and compact design – an additional advantage of the machine. The maximum working pressure of the model is 15 bar, and the volume of the water tank is 1.8 liters. Country of origin-Italy.


Coffee maker functions:

  • Cappuccino preparation system (manual).
  • Built-in coffee grinder for thirteen degrees of grinding.
  • Simultaneous preparation of two cups of coffee in one brewing cycle.
  • Hot water.
  • Adjustment of coffee temperature.
  • Adjustable steam supply, allowing you to instantly switch between espresso and cappuccino cooking modes.
  • Water level indicator that shows when to top up the water and how many spoons of coffee to pour.
  • Extraction of residual moisture.
  • Automatic rinsing and descaling program.
  • Adjustable water hardness.
  • Programmable amount of coffee per serving.
  • Programmable amount of water per serving.
  • Pre-wetting.
  • Programmable automatic switching on and off.
  • Counter of prepared cups.
  • Saving feature.
  • Standby mode.
  • Complete power off for zero power consumption.

The coffee machine has a wide range of functions: convenient automatic characteristics allow you to prepare a very delicious, really high-quality espresso and cappuccino.


Features of the model:

  • New control panel-allows you to prepare any type of coffee with a simple click of a button. A simple rotation of the handle allows you to increase or decrease the strength of the coffee. You can select the desired portion size by clicking the button.
  • Stainless steel cappuccino system: mixes steam, air, and milk, allowing you to prepare a rich milk foam.
  • Flavor-preserving lid-the grain container is equipped with a specially sealed lid that allows you to preserve the rich flavor of the drink.
  • Setting all parameters of the drink: the amount of water per Cup, strength, temperature.
  • A convenient option is “my coffee”.
  • Possibility to use both coffee beans and ground coffee.
  • Removable compact cooking unit with a capacity of 6 to 14 grams.
  • Long-lasting coffee grinder with adjustment to thirteen degrees of grinding.
  • The possibility of installing coffee cups with a height of 86 to 142 mm.
  • The new Thermoblock guarantees the perfect espresso temperature.
  • Container for a cake for fourteen servings with an indication of fullness.
  • Removable water tank with water level indicator (total capacity 1.8 liters).
  • Water filter.
  • Removable drip tray with water level indicator.
  • Quick cappuccino preparation.
  • The pump pressure is 15 bar.
  • Power saving function-enabling standby mode optimizes power consumption.


Advantages of the model:

  • Stylish design, perfectly complement the interior of the room.
  • Compact size.
  • Good power, which ensures a high temperature of coffee at the output.
  • Convenient front location of the water tank.
  • Adjustable height of cups dispenser for coffee.
  • Removable water tank with a large enough capacity – 8 liters.
  • If you do not use the coffee machine for a while, it will automatically turn off.
  • There are automatic programs for washing the coffee machine.
  • Presence of a problem indicator.
  • Virtually silent in operation.
  • Ergonomic body.
  • Convenient programming function.
  • Intuitive display.
  • Quick preparation of all main drinks.
  • Instant foaming of milk in 30 seconds.
  • High level of service, 5-year service guarantee.
  • High build quality.
  • An abundance of parameters and adjustments that allow you to customize the car for yourself.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Automatic decalcification.
  • Automatic self-cleaning function.


Disadvantages of the model:

  • There is a slight spillage of coffee inside the machine, but the manufacturer carefully provided for this and extended the tray for collecting water. The coffee gets into it and is shaken out when the water tray is emptied.
  • There are scratches on the chrome Cupholder.
  • There is no pressure gauge.
  • The lack of a Cup warmer.
  • The lack of an anti-drip system.
  • The indicated disadvantages are insignificant and do not represent significant inconveniences.

Video review


A very decent automatic coffee machine in its price category. Excellent Italian build quality at a relatively low price, belonging to a trusted brand, compactness, durability and reliability are the indisputable advantages of the Delonghi ECAM 22.110 Magnifica.

The elegant appearance and stylish design of the coffee machine will perfectly complement the interior of the kitchen or office.

The coffee machine is very well suited for both home and office use. Quick preparation of drinks at the touch of a button, a roomy volume of the water tank, a fully automated cleaning system, the ability to program and auto – disconnect-provide simplicity and convenience of the operation of the model.

Delonghi ECAM 22.110 Magnifica can also be used in a small cafe or canteen. In coffee shops with the need to prepare a large number of cups of coffee, it is optimal to use a professional technique.


TES 51521/51523 RW can be used for home, office, cafe or night clubs.

Delonghi ECAM 22.110 Magnifica S. the Model is ideal for home use and for a small office with up to 15 people.

Delonghi ECAM 22.360-a large water tank, the ability to quickly prepare a large number of cups of coffee, auto-off, and automation of all processes are perfect for the office.

The Merol ME-710 is a good example of a mid-price coffee machine. Taking into account all the functional and design features of the device, we can say that it is suitable for home use by novice coffee lovers.

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