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Best coffee machines 2020

A coffee machine is a tool that significantly facilitates the preparation of a coffee drink. Housewives, office workers, and food service owners consider this achievement of technology an integral part of the working space, giving it a special place. Coffee machines vary in power, type and size, and the functionality of modern devices is so wide that customers are often lost when choosing. According to numerous requests, TOP 2020 is a rating that contains only the best coffee machines of different types. It will help you choose the right technique, considering in detail its characteristics, features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Which company’s coffee machine is better to choose

According to surveys, buyers prefer equipment from popular foreign manufacturers. They choose it because of recommendations or advertising, without paying due attention to the brand itself. Experts note that this is wrong, because having an idea of the manufacturer itself, you can judge its reliability. The rating provides a brief overview of each brand represented in the TOP 2020:

  • De’longhi is the oldest company in Italy, established in 1902. it produces household appliances and climate control equipment and has offices all over the world. The brand also owns several trademarks.
  • Nespresso is the trade name of the Nestlé brand from Switzerland. It produces exclusively high-tech coffee machines designed for a huge target audience of coffee gourmets. All Nespresso products are subject to strict control, and the company’s equipment is sold only in specialized stores.
  • Wacaco is a relatively young but well-known brand created in 2013. Produces portable coffee machines that work without electricity and have a non-standard design. The company’s priority is the style, convenience and quality realized in the products.
  • Krups is a French brand that produces coffee machines, coffee makers and small appliances for the kitchen. The company was founded in 1846, belongs to the Groupe SEB Corporation and is quite popular in Russia, the CIS, and Asian countries.
  • Gaggia – manufacturer of coffee machines from Italy, offers a large selection of electronics for home, production, and offices, annually improving equipment, introducing new technologies.
  • Kenwood is a well-known Corporation from Japan that has been producing video, audio equipment, small/large household appliances for more than 60 years. It has many awards, has production facilities throughout Europe, and continues to expand its product range and sales channels.
  • Kitfort – a company from Russia offers reliable home appliances, selling them over the Internet, without making extra charges on store sales. Named one of the most budget domestic brands that produce electronics.
  • Bosch – a large popular holding company from Germany conducts sales, production, and service of its home appliances all over the world.
  • Melitta is a German Corporation that produces small appliances. Melita’s range includes coffee grinders, coffee machines, accessories for coffee, tea, and even selected coffee varieties, thanks to its own plantations in the United States and Mexico.
  • Nivona is a small but reliable company that produces only coffee machines. Thanks to the premium quality of its products, it refers it to the middle and high price segment. It also produces coffee machines to order.
  • Philips is a popular international holding company from the Netherlands. It produces small/large consumer electronics, beauty and health products, and electric lamps. It is considered one of the best manufacturers, thanks to many years of experience and many awards.
  • Bugatti is an Italian brand of premium home appliances that implements unique design and innovative features in its products and uses only high-quality components in production.

Rating of coffee machines

The rating is based on the opinions of experts who have studied each presented model. Reviews of real people were also taken into account, and careful testing helped to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each nominee. When selecting participants in the TOP, the following criteria were taken into account:

  • Power;
  • Volume;
  • Principle of operation;
  • Ease of control;
  • Functional;
  • Security;
  • Time of preparation of the drink;
  • Body material;
  • Filter type;
  • Price.

Each nominee is considered separately, and a brief overview is made for all models. For the convenience of readers, the best coffee machines are divided into categories that divide them by type.

Best capsule coffee machines

Capsule machines are suitable for those who like invigorating espresso and coffee with foam. They are quite convenient to use, easy to clean and cost relatively little. This technique is able to cook only one Cup per cycle, but it is quite economical. In this category, four models are presented, which were chosen by users among a dozen applicants.

De’longhi EN 85 AE Essenza Mini
This small and bright capsule coffee machine for the home is presented in several colors. It has simple controls, is designed for two types of drink and is able to remember the volume of the Cup. Delonge warms up fairly quickly and a few seconds after turning on the light indicator will report on it. The switch-off is automatic, there is a timer for up to 30 minutes, and the waste container is designed for 6 capsules. The build quality of EN 85 is at a high level, the plastic is strong and durable, does not bend under your fingers and does not overheat, so it is impossible to burn your hands on the device.

De’Longhi EN 85 AE Essenza Mini


  • Energy-saving;
  • Transparent container;
  • Removable drip tray;
  • Foaming agent-aerochino;
  • Small price.


  • Expensive branded capsules;
  • Noisy works.

Buyers note that despite the small foaming agent, Essenza Mini is able to make a fairly thick, dense foam. It can be either hot or cold, plus the device is able to simply heat the milk to the desired temperature.

Nespresso Essenza C30 Mini
A simple and reliable Nespresso capsule coffee machine also stands out for its small size. It is able to prepare two types of drink, has adjustable portions of hot water and is made of thick, non-burning plastic. Original capsules for it are quite cheap, plus you can take reusable analogs with different tastes. Care for it does not require certain skills, there is a self-cleaning system that washes the compartment itself when you press the “start ” button again. Nespresso can prepare several cups in a row, the volume (0.6 l.) is enough for 3-4 servings.

Nespresso Essenza C30 Mini


  • Quiet operation;
  • Instant heating;
  • Simple operation;
  • Cord storage compartment in the case;
  • Indication of water level and the start of the operation.


  • A small volume of the drip tray;
  • Brand-new housing.

Users don’t like that the black, glossy case often leaves fingerprints and traces of drops, which is quite unpleasant. Plus, the surface attracts dust, and after washing the case, you need to make sure that there are no stains on it.

Wacaco Minipresso NS
A portable, hand-held coffee machine from Wacaco is very popular with customers. It is especially appreciated by travelers — for its modest size and the ability to prepare a delicious, cheerful drink even in field conditions. You can use not only coffee capsules, but also ground varieties, turning the handle to adjust the strength of the drink, and the drip system will quickly pour the desired amount of liquid. Cooking takes place mechanically, it is enough to add boiling water to the device and manually press the compressor. Cleaning Minipresso will also not cause difficulties for users since the design is completely collapsible.

Wacaco Minipresso NS


  • Cup included;
  • Non-slip, matte plastic;
  • Suitable for universal capsules;
  • Does not require an electrical connection;
  • Not flowing.


  • Small volume;
  • May not pierce the capsule.

Based on user reviews, Wacaco doesn’t always pierce metal capsules. The manufacturer attributes this to a weak mechanical effect and a defect in the production of the capsules themselves.

Krups Dolce Gusto KP 100B
This nominee stands out for its stylish, practical design. The coffee machine is made of plastic, designed for 0.6 liters. and has a power of 1500 watts. This allows you to instantly prepare coffee and despite the power, the device consumes little energy. There is an auto-shutdown function, as well as protection against accidental start and a removable, transparent water tank. The Cup stand can be adjusted in height, which allows you to use dishes of any type and volume. Separately, users praise the availability of capsules and the variety of flavors, plus you can use reusable capsules.

Krups Dolce Gusto KP 100B


  • Compact;
  • Simple operation;
  • Quick start-up and preparation of the drink;
  • Good build quality;
  • Small price.


  • Very narrow opening for the water in the tank;
  • Heavy.

Krups weighs about 5 kg, despite its small size. It is worth noting the bright red color of the power cord, which looks interesting and unusual in this model.

Best carob coffee makers-espresso

Carob coffee machines are both free-standing and built-in, they can be prepared not only espresso but also coffee with foam, in the presence of Panarello. In such coffee makers, you can brew not only ground coffee, but also chalds, and the technique is distinguishable by power, price, and design. The rating of carob coffee machines highlights three nominees who were selected by experts as the most reliable.

Gaggia Gran Style
Many users like the compact coffee machine from Gaggia. It is made of strong, high-quality thermoplastic, and brews ground and tableted coffee. It has a mechanical control, the volume of the water tank is 1.25 l, thanks to this Gagia is perfect for home and office. The technique is designed for two types of coffee, the steam tube tightly whips the foam for cappuccino or latte, and a special valve “crema” provides a delicious espresso. Gran Style is equipped with a raised steel dryer on which you can put cups. The boiler is also made of stainless steel.

Gaggia Gran Style


  • Simultaneous distribution of two cups;
  • Large, roomy tray for drops;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Comfortable, wide horn;
  • Two filters for the horn in the kit.


  • It takes a long time to warm up;
  • Low location of the cappuccino machine.

Customers praise the quality and rich taste of the prepared beverages. The warranty period from the manufacturer is three years, which also applies to the advantages of this model.

Kenwood ES 020
Metal, stylish and inexpensive coffee machine for the home with convenient simple operation. It is presented in bright and interesting colors and makes a delicious, rich coffee for two cups at once. The cappuccino machine is conveniently located, the removable water tank is wide enough, and the drip tray is easy to wash. The power of the equipment reaches 1000 W, which allows the device to quickly prepare drinks, with small power consumption. It is quite simple to clean the device, almost all the design elements are collapsible and easy to clean. The pressure in Kenwood is 15 bar, as in professional coffee machines.

Kenwood ES 020


  • No vibration;
  • A powerful jet of steam;
  • Narrow design;
  • Cup heating;
  • Operation indication.


  • Brand-new housing;
  • There is no sleep timer.

The set includes a temper, cups and a measuring spoon, which is convenient to measure the desired amount of coffee.

You can use not only ground grains but also chard, for cooking, espresso, latte or cappuccino.

Kitfort KT-703
This semi-automatic carob coffee maker makes all kinds of coffee. Convenient programming of operating modes, automatic cappuccino machine, and simple operation are the main priorities of this machine. Made of high-quality metal, the rubberized legs hold the device securely and prevent vibrations. Kitfort has two tanks for water and milk, so making a latte or cappuccino does not require special skills. Thanks to the low tray, even high cups can be used with this model, and a special stand can be extended for small dishes.

Kitfort KT-703


  • Special compartment for storing the horn and filters;
  • Adjustment portions of hot water;
  • Self-cleaning function;
  • Remembering all the drinks;
  • Full operation indication.


  • Noises.

For KT-703, you can use any ground coffee, the main thing is to correctly calculate the dose for the horn. Separately, buyers recommend pouring only filtered water so that the taste of the grains is fully revealed.

Best automatic coffee machines for home

Automatic coffee machines are able to perform a full cycle of work – from grinding grains to brewing different types of coffee. They are characterized by quick preparation of drinks, easy management, and high cost, as well as good quality. The rating of the best coffee machines for the home represents four nominees in this category, who became the best among the ten applicants.

Bosch TIS30321RW Vero Cup 300
The highlight of this model is an intelligent water heating system that maintains the optimal temperature throughout the entire beverage preparation procedure. The coffee machine is equipped with convenient touch control, a built-in small backlit display and a high-quality coffee grinder equipped with ceramic millstones. Thanks to them, the device works almost silently, providing high-quality grinding of coffee beans. There are options for adjusting the water hardness, automatic decalcification, and child protection, which expand the capabilities of the device.

Bosch TIS30321RW Vero Cup 300


  • Control of the fortress coffee;
  • Russian interface;
  • Adjusting the degree of grinding;
  • Adjustable height of the cappuccino machine;
  • Automatic rinsing when turned on.


  • Not suitable for ground coffee;
  • Expensive service.

Every month, the Bosch Vero Cup 300 must be cleaned with special tablets, the price of which is quite high. Users attribute this to disadvantages, given the high cost of the device itself.

Melitta Caffeo Solo
This is one of the narrowest models, presented in a stylish, elegant case, has mechanical control and a power of 1400 watts. The water is heated by a fuser, which provides rapid heating of the liquid to the desired temperature, while the steam pressure reaches 15 bar. There is also a water filter that reduces its hardness and can be easily changed if necessary. Melita works only with coffee beans, the built-in coffee grinder has three degrees of grinding, but you can safely adjust them within the set range. At the same time, the device can prepare two cups, there are a strong control and adjustment of the water portion, which will allow you to create individual drinks.

Melitta Caffeo Solo


  • Simple maintenance;
  • Pre-wetting;
  • Informative display with backlight;
  • Cord storage compartment in the case;
  • Saving mode.


  • A small volume of coffee grinder;
  • No cappuccino machine.

The model has the option of automatic washing with boiling water and steam, which ensures the complete cleanliness of the device. Without disconnecting, the device will perform this procedure every half hour, so it is recommended to turn off the system after use.

Nivona CafeRomatica 779
This is one of the best models among automatic coffee grinders. Stylish, multi-functional and economical Nivona works fast enough and is suitable for home and office. The model is made of high-quality hardened steel, the Assembly is strong and reliable, so the equipment is not afraid of transportation. It has an automatic cappuccino machine that quickly turns milk of any fat content into a light air foam. It is worth noting three modes for adjusting the temperature of drinks, ECO mode and the function for monitoring the need for maintenance. The built-in cleaning program will not allow the appearance of scale and will clean the cappuccino machine itself, at the touch of a button.

Nivona CafeRomatica 779


  • Program for creating individual coffee recipes;
  • Bright display with Russian-language interface;
  • Cup illumination;
  • Individual adjustment of the grinding degree;
  • Automatic control of the water level and coffee beans.


  • The drip tray should be washed frequently;
  • High price.

It is noteworthy that you can control this machine remotely, via a smartphone. It is enough to install a special application and you can prepare delicious, rich coffee without approaching the device.

Philips HD8649 2000 Series
Despite the laconic appearance, this coffee machine has a very large functionality. It is made of durable, thick plastic, has a built-in coffee grinder and a classic cappuccino machine. Thanks to the ceramic millstones, the grains do not overheat when grinding, which preserves their taste. The stainless steel and aluminum fuser heat up quickly, and you can cook two cups at the same time. Care for Philips 2000 will not cause difficulties, the cooking group located on the back of the machine is completely removable, it can be easily removed and rinsed under running water. Thanks to the Gusto Perfetto technology, the device remembers the used grains and tracks the loading of new ones.

Philips HD8649 2000 Series


  • The option of self-cleaning from scale;
  • Five degrees of grinding;
  • Automatic rinsing of coffee circulation elements;
  • Large waste container;
  • Buttons with led illumination.


  • Short cord;
  • Expensive filters.

The power of this machine is equal to 1400 watts, so it prepares any drinks in a matter of seconds.

Philips Series is suitable for home, office or small cafes, and you can buy a coffee machine with an automatic cappuccino machine in special stores that sell coffee machines.

Best premium coffee machines

Premium coffee machines are relatively expensive, but according to experts, they justify their price. These devices are multifunctional, practical and suitable for use in public catering, offices, and hotels, where the flow of people is quite large. The category includes three nominees who were named the best, due to the optimal combination of parameters.

Gaggia Classic
Classic design, ease of use and high power are the priorities of the model. This relatively inexpensive coffee machine with a cappuccino machine can make coffee for two at once, its body is made of high-quality thick metal, and the system has two heating elements at once, which provides instant heating. Gaggia works with ground coffee orchard, with the help of a convenient cappuccino maker, you can make a thick, dense foam. Separately, users praise the heavy, professional holder that correctly shapes the coffee tablet, which ensures maximum flavor return.

Gaggia Classic


  • Convenient filling of water into the tank;
  • Steam tube with Panarello;
  • Filter with a double bottom;
  • Full operation indication;
  • Heavy.


  • Noise in the work;
  • No automatic flushing.

It is noteworthy that Gaggia Classic has external heating elements that do not contact the liquid in any way, and therefore are not subject to corrosion. The warranty period of this device is quite long, and judging by customer reviews, it is able to work steadily for more than ten years.

Bugatti DIVA
Cute bright Italian Bugatti coffee maker attracts attention at first glance, thanks to its interesting design. It is made in an unusual cone shape, the manufacturer offers eight different colors to choose from and with its modest dimensions, it weighs about seven kilograms. Made of strong stainless steel, it can be used with coffee in cups and ground grains, and a pressure gauge is provided to control the pressure. Thanks to the heating of the cups, the coffee is hot and tart. The volume of the tank is small, but it is designed for mini-portions, which are so fond of Italians.

Bugatti DIVA


  • High-quality Assembly;
  • Easy care;
  • High pressure;
  • Simple operation;
  • Quiet operation.


  • Great price;
  • No anti-drip system.

Unfortunately, the anti-drip system is not provided in this model, and the tray for collecting drops is quite small. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it almost after each use of the device, which users attribute to significant disadvantages.

De’longhi Nespresso Lattissima Pro
De’longhi is able to make delicious hot coffee in a matter of seconds. Made in a classic style, it has simple touch control and very powerful pressure, so the device is suitable for professional use. The power of 1400 W provides fast preparation of drinks, the volume of the water tank is designed for several cups. The machine automatically pours milk of the specified density and consistency, and the built-in cleaning system easily washes the cappuccino machine itself. The rinse function will clean the device after use and the system will turn itself off after 9 minutes.

De'longhi Nespresso Lattissima Pro


  • Six preset recipes;
  • Adjustable Cup height;
  • Neon illumination of the capsule container;
  • Led backlit display;
  • Spacious bowl for waste.


  • Expensive filters.

The only drawback identified by experts is expensive filters that need to be changed, but not often. But capsules for this machine are inexpensive and are sold in almost every grocery store.

Which coffee machine is better to buy

The question of which coffee machine to choose for your home, you can not answer unequivocally, here you need to take into account the preferences of each. When buying, it is better to pay attention to the power, functionality and build quality, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty conditions. You must also take into account the purpose of the device. So for a small family, you can buy a simple, compact model that prepares modest amounts of drink. For the office, you should consider capsule or automatic devices that quickly cope with a typical task. And for professional use, coffee shops or catering, it is wise to look at more expensive, premium models equipped with great functionality, good power, and high service speed. Taking into account all these parameters experts recommend considering the following nominees:

  • KrupsKP 100BDolceGusto became the best among capsule coffee machines. It stands out for the speed of launch and preparation of drinks, has a good build quality and a small price, which many customers like.
  • KitfortKT-703 stands out among the carob nominees. The device has a self-cleaning function, remembers the specified drinks and makes all types of coffee, plus it has convenient simple operation.
  • The PhilipsHD8649 2000 Series is the best among automatic models. It is equipped with a high-quality built-in coffee grinder, has a self-cleaning option and a classic cappuccino machine. A stainless steel and aluminum fuser heat up in seconds.
  • De’LonghiNespressoLattissimaPro took first place among premium coffee machines. It has high power, high pressure and a wide range of functions that make the device more comfortable to operate.

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