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Best coffee and tea thermos

On the road or on vacation, away from the benefits of civilization, you can drink hot coffee or tea thanks to convenient and safe vessels that maintain a comfortable temperature of the liquid for several hours or days. Modern thermoses differ greatly in efficiency and material of manufacture from models that were in use 10-15 years ago.

To make a successful purchase, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of products will help the review below of the best models of the tested thermos, selected based on customer reviews.

Rating of thermos flasks

8. Zojirushi SJ-SD10 (1 l)

Zojirushi SJ-SD10 (1 l)

Lightweight and compact model, equipped with a folding handle with a non-slip coating. Thanks to the drain valve, drinks can be poured in doses. Manufacturers have taken care of bright colors so that the thermos was clearly visible in nature. This is especially appreciated by fans of winter fishing.

The boiling water temperature according to the test result after 6 hours decreased by only 30 degrees, and after a day to another 20 degrees. It keeps the temperature of the cold liquid well, which remains at 8℃for for 6 hours in hot summer.

The lid is made in the form of a bowl. It is closed by a threaded method with a reliable click lock. A special protrusion on the lid is a convenient extension of the handle. The design is well thought out, the Assembly is neat. The design is based on color contrasts.


  • lightweight;
  • compact size;
  • the self-closing valve on the lid;
  • rubberized handle;
  • included carrying strap;
  • odorless plastic;
  • high-quality Assembly does not leak.


  • the Teflon coating of the flask requires careful handling;
  • strongly warms the lid-bowl when pouring boiling water;
  • high price.

Buyer’s review: very convenient to use a thermos. I like that the handle is rubberized, the lid is in the form of a bowl, tea is convenient to drink. The plug is reliable, twists and additionally snaps. On the road, I don’t worry about spilling tea. The thermos looks small, but the capacity is sufficient. One liter is optimal for 2-3 people to warm up on the road.

7. Thermos SK-2010 (1.2 l)

Thermos SK-2010 (1.2 l)

A model with a sealed stopper and a convenient lid, which can be used as a full-fledged Cup for drinks. The housing and the inner flask made of stainless steel. This indicates a long operational period: mechanical shocks, washing, cleaning this product will not damage.

The liquid in the flask with a capacity of 1.2 liters remains hot and fragrant throughout the day. The plastic side handles folds compactly, which saves space when transporting. The appearance of the thermos is attractive and stylish. The product does not have any foreign odors. Optimal price-quality ratio.


  • main parts made of durable stainless steel;
  • vacuum Cup included;
  • excellent heat resistance;
  • beautiful design;
  • reliable threaded plug;
  • a careful Assembly.


  • it takes a long time to tighten the plug.

Buyer’s review: Thermos is excellent for field conditions. You can not worry about a hot drink during the day. The heat holds perfectly, as the manufacturer said, even in the cold. I use it on fishing trips and long trips. The flask does not break, the tea does not spill, the lid is reliable. The purchase, in my opinion, is successful and durable.

6. Xiaomi Viomi Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup

Xiaomi Viomi Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup

A practical product with a metal flask, made using innovative technology developed by specialists of the laboratory of the manufacturer.

Flask made of a special steel alloy, characterized by resistance to corrosion, alkalis, and acids. High strength characteristics do not require special operating conditions. Thermal insulation performance is improved due to copper deposition of the outer surface of the flask.

Heat losses are minimal, and the ability of the product to maintain the high temperature inside is high. Vacuum insulation prevents heat exchange, allowing you to maintain heat or cold for more than 24 hours.


  • practical to use;
  • small size;
  • stainless steel housing and flask;
  • the product is easy to care for;
  • keeps you warm for a long time;
  • pleasant to touch.


  • the plastic cover allows heat to pass through.

Buyer’s review: for a Long time I chose which thermos keeps the heat better and is convenient for walking. I decided on Xiaomi. On walks, the thing is irreplaceable. You can drink from the neck. Thanks to the special design, the liquid is not spilled all at once, but is dosed. I noticed that if you fix the thermos strictly vertically, the heat holds better… Apparently, the problem is in the plastic lid.

5. STANLEY Adventure SS Vacuum Bottle (1 l)

STANLEY Adventure SS Vacuum Bottle (1 l)

A good thermos with reliable heat and cold retention for up to 24 hours. The steel flask is enclosed in a 30 cm metal case. External material: stainless steel. The stainless steel flask is durable and not subject to deformation. The principle of heat preservation is a classic, vacuum. The liquid is drained through the rotary plug. A stylish handle makes the design complete and easy to use. The manufacturer is 100% confident in its products and gives a lifetime warranty to the user.


  • it retains heat and cold well;
  • reliable unscrewing plug;
  • stylish design;
  • convenient carrying handle;
  • high-quality material for manufacturing the flask and housing;
  • it has no foreign odors.


  • very small lid-Cup;
  • high price.

Buyer’s review: Took a thermos on a train on a long trip. I always make my own special herbal tea. The steep boiling water lowered its temperature after about eight hours, but still, the tea was very hot for about a day. This is the first thermos that keeps me warm for a long time. I was pleased with this system: I Unscrew the cork a little, and that’s it, you can pour tea. There are no foreign chemical odors. The volume is very good. Happy with the purchase. If there was a cheaper thermos, I would buy a second one for coffee.

4. Arctic 106-900 (0.9 l)

Arctic 106-900 (0.9 l)

Miracle thermos with a volume of 0.9 liters, which can keep tea or coffee hot for up to 30 hours. The material of the body and flask is” non-killable ” stainless steel. You can use it for winter fishing, take it on hikes, on long trips and not be afraid that the thermos will break or leak. The neck is narrow, 3.9 cm includes two comfortable Hiking cups. The thermos is small, compact and very beautiful. According to customer reviews, it is convenient to use both at home and in the field.


  • keeps the temperature for more than a day;
  • beautiful design;
  • high-quality Assembly;
  • durable flask and housing material;
  • two cups included;
  • easy to use.


  • it is inconvenient to wash because of the narrow neck.

Buyer’s review: a Wonderful thermos for drinks, I’m already without it as without hands. Very pleasant to the eye decorates the kitchen with its appearance. I dropped it several times, but there were no consequences. In the evening, I pour the rosehip fruit, by morning the drink is infused, but the temperature remains until the evening. I drink a hot drink all day. I don’t fully Unscrew the plug. I haven’t used the mugs yet, but I see that they should be comfortable.

3. Penguin VK-46

Penguin VK-46

On the third place is a thermos, which will be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. The penguin VK-46 model keeps the temperature of the drink for a long time both in heat and cold.

The vacuum thermos is made of stainless steel, has a narrow throat and reliable double insulation, so the model perfectly copes with its immediate tasks.

The durable belt that the thermos is equipped with allows you to conveniently carry it on your shoulder. The advantages also include a special getter design, a two-stage vacuum system, and an additional heat-reflecting layer on the inner surface to improve temperature performance.


  • Special vacuum system;
  • Additional heat-reflecting layer;
  • Steel flask and housing;
  • Convenient to use;
  • Stylish design;
  • Scratch-resistant surface.


  • Not detected.

Buyer’s review: Excellent thermos, inexpensive and effective. I always take fishing trips with me, so I always bring hot tea or coffee. It does not leak, keeps the temperature perfectly, and there are no foreign odors.

2. Biostal NB-1000 (1 l)

Biostal NB-1000 (1 l)

The second place in the rating of the best thermos is a practical liter model for walking, fishing, and outdoor recreation. Compact, does not take up much space in a backpack or bag. The case and flask are made of high-quality stainless steel, which has no expiration date restrictions. Corrosion blows to such material are not terrible. The vacuum layer between the flask and the body delays heat transfer. The lid can be used as a teacup. The manufacturer claims guaranteed heat or cold retention for 19 hours. The model is equipped with two covers, one of them with a button for ease of use.


  • well, it keeps the cold and heat;
  • sealed housing;
  • easy to use;
  • a careful Assembly;
  • compact and lightweight;
  • it doesn’t slip in your hand;
  • tea strainer included;
  • additional plug included;
  • high-quality manufacturing material.


  • no strap or case.

Buyer’s review: in fact, this thermos holds boiling water better than the manufacturers claimed. During the day, the temperature of the liquid almost does not decrease. Very convenient thermos, even a strainer provided. I use it for three months, the tightness is excellent, it keeps you warm. I now want to buy my daughter and son-in-law for traveling. If you choose which company’s thermos is better, then for me it is definitely Biostal.

1. Thermo FBB-1000 (1 l)s

Thermo FBB-1000 (1 l)s

The top thermos is headed by a model with a flask made of wear-resistant stainless steel with a volume of 1 l. it perfectly holds the temperature of the poured drink for 24 hours. From the narrow neck, it is convenient to pour tea into a special lid, which can be used as a tea mug.

The compact dimensions of the thermos allow you to take it with you for a walk or hike, on a road trip. The stopper is of the valve type, so you can pour the tea without opening the lid.


  • compactness;
  • tightness;
  • suitable for a Cup holder in the car;
  • excellent temperature control;
  • durable housing and bulb;
  • very light in weight;
  • convenient in operation.


  • high price.

Buyer’s review: Excellent metal thermos of good quality for drinks. I don’t like handles and other unnecessary elements. Tested in the cold. For half a day the boiling water burned my fingers, for another five or six hours the tea was hot, and after a day and a half, it remained warm. This is the kind of thermos I need on the road. I think that the model is very successful. I recommend it to anyone who is tired of overpaying on the road for hot coffee.

Which thermos for tea is better to buy and how to choose?

When choosing the best thermos for tea and coffee you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • duration of holding the initial temperature of the liquid;
  • durability and safety of the manufacturing material;
  • no foreign (chemical) odors in the flask; capacity of the flask;
  • the presence of such bonuses as a lid-Cup, handle and carrying case, strainer for brewing tea;
  • the tightness of the cap;
  • method of draining the liquid (valve or normal);
  • easy to care for the product.


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