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Best budget espresso machine for home

The search for a good and inexpensive coffee machine can take a long time. At the same time, an unsuccessful choice leaves the bitterness of disappointment due to unrealized hopes and wasted funds. Our rating of the best cheap espresso machine is made precisely so that this does not happen to you, dear readers. We have found the most worthy examples of coffee makers for you, divided them by price categories and are in a hurry to present them to your attention.

Best budget espresso machine up to 100 dollars

After looking around in hardware stores, you realize that finding a good coffee maker that costs up to $ 100 is not very easy. But we did. The best cheap espresso machine offered by us prepare a relatively good espresso from capsules, and branded capsules are not a shortage.

De’Longhi EN 85 SOLO Essenza MiniDe’Longhi EN 85 SOLO Essenza Mini


  • Nespresso Capsules
  • Economical
  • 2 Cup sizes
  • Auto power off


  • For 1 Cup
  • Warm coffee

A small capsule coffee maker with a 0.8 l pump prepares 2 types of coffee: espresso and long, 40 and 110 ml. The drip tray is slightly attached, but the weight of the Cup can withstand. Economical: turns off after 9 minutes.

Nespresso C30 Essenza MiniNespresso C30 Essenza Mini


  • Design
  • Setting of auto-turning off
  • Suitable for 12.5 cm cups
  • Automatic shutdown


  • The water tank is 0.6 l
  • Does not give boiling water

A strict-looking coffee machine makes excellent coffee from native Nespresso capsules or reusable metal ones. In terms of price-quality ratio, this model is the best choice. Coffee turns out hot, despite the lack of heating of the Cup.

Bosch TAS 1401/1402/1403/1404/1407 TassimoBosch TAS 1401/1402/1403/1404/1407 Tassimo


  • Control of water strength and volume
  • Decalcification
  • Self-disconnecting


  • Expensive capsules
  • Noises

A simple compact model could have been the leader of the review, but the high cost of consumables prevented it. Accepts only single-use capsules with a barcode that reads to prepare according to the recipe. Cooks noisily. Third place.

The best budget espresso machine from 100 to 300 dollars

In the segment of the best cheap espresso machine that costs up to $ 300, there is a good choice: manufacturers reduce prices with discounts and other promotions. Among the best models, there is even one that cooks from coffee beans. However, for more information, see the review below.

De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Touch AnimationDe’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Touch Animation


  • Powerful 1400 Watts
  • Touch
  • With a cappuccino machine
  • Decalcification
  • Self-disconnection


  • Does not serve boiling water
  • Unreliable cappuccino machine

Makes coffee of various flavors: caramel, vanilla, and others. Whips the milk separately, prepares cappuccino according to the program. Indicators indicate the need for cleaning. But the cappuccino machine is not working properly: users complain about its frequent breakdowns.

Bosch TAS 7001EE/7002/7004EE TassimoBosch TAS 7001EE/7002/7004EE Tassimo


  • Water level sensor
  • Barcode reading system
  • A lot of coffee recipes
  • The choice of the fortress
  • Steam nozzle auto cleaning


  • Does not accept reusable capsules
  • Does not prepare drinks with milk

This capsule model of the coffee machine is sold with holders for 32 capsules, which is very convenient. Reads the barcode and prepares a drink according to the corresponding recipe, and then self-cleans. But it’s noisy. And it doesn’t recognize reusable capsules.

Philips HD8649 2000 SeriesPhilips HD8649 2000 Series


  • 2 cups with 1 Cup of welding
  • The choice of water volume, the degree of grinding
  • Cappuccino machine
  • Auto-calcination


  • No self-disconnection
  • The short wire

This baby brews a real espresso, delivers hot water for tea, and cappuccino coffee preparing in the manual mode. Cleans channels after each power-up, but does not disable them independently. Yes, the tanks are small, the cord is only 80 cm, but the coffee is excellent.

The best budget espresso machine from 300 to 400 dollars

So we got to full-fledged coffee machines for grain raw materials. Here, however, as elsewhere, the De’longhi reigns Supreme. But we have found worthy competitors at prices up to $ 400, which we will be happy to present in the rating of the best. Meet.

De’Longhi ECAM 23.120De’Longhi ECAM 23.120


  • Choice of grinding with a Twister
  • Whipping cup milk
  • The memory prescription
  • 2 cups per 1 grind
  • Backlit keys


  • Expensive water filters
  • Spills ground coffee

This model of the Delonghi coffee machine received a foam regulator for the cappuccino machine, a retractable dispenser up to 14.2 cm high, and a lid with a seal for the grain container. This is not all: there are still 13 stages of grain grinding. And the water filter is so-so: the water is hard.

Philips HD8827 3000 SeriesPhilips HD8827 3000 Series


  • Large reservoir
  • Makes the foam
  • Brita Filter


  • Glossy panel
  • Grinding noises during operation

Philips did not bother much with the sound insulation of this model. Many customers note the grinding and bumps when the coffee machine is running. But the coffee is soft to the taste, thanks to a good filter.

Bosch TIS 30129 RW VeroCup 100Bosch TIS 30129 RW VeroCup 100


  • Style
  • Reliability
  • Choosing the strength and volume of the Cup
  • Display illumination
  • Block from children


  • Small container for cake
  • Per 1 Cup

This German coffee machine with a cappuccino machine has a very stylish design. There is almost nothing to find fault with, except that the trash can is too small. The Milk Frother is adjustable in height up to 15 cm, the system constantly cleans the channels. The water is soft: the coffee is delicious. Touch screen display.

The best budget espresso machine from 400 to 600 dollars

TOP best cheap espresso machine for home in the segment at prices up to $ 600 again did not do without De’longhi, where is it without it. But there was a Melitta, a great car with beautiful shapes. In General, let’s take a closer look at the winners.

De’Longhi ECAM 23.460De’Longhi ECAM 23.460


  • The memory prescription
  • Autocappuccino
  • Large container
  • Timer
  • Illumination


  • Hard water
  • Sensitive Twister

In this model, all taps are height-adjustable. The display only supports English. The foam is obtained lush thanks to the automation of whipping. But filters are Delonga’s weak point: the water is slightly softer than from a tap.

Melitta Caffeo Passione OTMelitta Caffeo Passione OT


  • Key lighting
  • The choice of degree of the drink
  • Fast steam
  • Filter included


  • Small containers: coffee-125 g, water-1.2 l
  • There is no water level sensor

Smooth curves of the carob coffee machine caress the eye. The manufacturer took care of the convenience: added a measuring spoon, water filter and illumination of the cooking zone. And there are no more forces left for larger containers.

Philips EP5064 Series 5000Philips EP5064 Series 5000


  • Concise design
  • Button control
  • High dispenser: 15 cm.
  • 3 drink temperatures


  • English menu
  • Noise

The strict appearance of the car sets up a serious mood. The model is quite quick to respond to requests, cooking does not take much time. The pull-out dispenser rises as much as 15 cm! But the work is noisy, you can’t take that away.

Finally, we will remind you about leaving. Each coffee machine needs regular cleaning, disassembly, and lubrication. This is required by Saeco, but Delonghi forgets to remind. We don’t. So, have an annual study of the fresh TOP coffee makers because of the failure of the former, be sure to remove all of the d’s that are removed, clean them, lubricate and put back as often as every 500 servings, and the milk Frother after each Cup. And your car will serve long and faithfully.

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