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You want your trade show to be a success! You want to attract attendees so they can hear your message. You want qualified attendees to take action and step into your booth to talk with reps and/or see a demo.
In short, you want to be able to show your boss an ROI from being at a show.
One person can help you make that happen...that person is trade show magician Bob Garner.

Magician for trade show or magicians for a trade show. Is that what you typed in? Maybe, you need a Las Vegas trade show magician or one for Orlando or Phoenix or beyond. Well, you came to the right place. When looking for the best trade show magicians to work your booth, there are few things to keep in mind.

You want a trade show magician who knows how to draw crowds and excitement to your booth. The magician is really a trade show presenter who will communicate key messages to attendees and then be able to transition quality leads to your sales team. Yet, in an entertaining and interactive way.

In other words, you don't want a trade show magician, trade show mentalist or trade show mind reader who just does "tricks" or effects. And you don't want a trade show presenter who just stands there and talks or tries to do a silly skit.

You want a specialist who is a professional with years of experience who can deliver results that you can "take back to the office" with pride. A corporate entertainer and spokesperson who can be entertaining while delivering a message.

Bob Garner will do that and more. Bob is one of the leading trade show magicians and trade show mentalists that actually helps you get a higher ROI and the results you desire... all this while helping you create a huge "buzz" about your booth throughout the floor.

Featured in the "Wall Street Journal" as a solution for gaining more ROI from a trade show, Bob Garner will help you create a "BUZZ" on the trade show floor, get attendees attention and interest and get qualified attendees into the booth. That means a higher ROI... and a happier boss!

Watch Trade Show Magician Bob Garner Increase ROI

Trade Show Magician Bob Garner
  • Draws Crowds to Your Booth
  • Delivers Your Sales/Marketing Message
  • Incorporates Sophisticated, Yet Fun Entertainment
  • Involves Attendees in Presentation
  • Qualifies Attendees During His Presentation
  • Separates Unqualified Attendees From Qualified
  • Gets Qualified Attendees Into Booth for Reps/Demos
  • Increases Your ROI

For more detailed information on Bob Garner, go to his official site at or contact him at 805-534-1576

Check Out These Client Testimonials...

5 Year Client Confirms 1 in 20 Leads Go to Contract

 Year Client Confirms Bob Drives Quality Leads

Client Confirms Traffic Doubled & Leads Converted

Create a "Buzz" • Increase Traffic • Deliver Your Message • Involve Attendees • Gain Quality Leads • Heighten ROI

Contact Las Vegas trade show magician and trade show presenter Bob Garner at 805-534-1576
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